The Truth About Ageing? It

The Truth About Ageing? It's Not Just About Wrinkles

Ageing is also about skin losing fullness. As we age, the look of the face changes. Skin feels less bouncy and contours look less plumped.

Fine lines and wrinkles are the first to appear from the age of 25 but are only one of many signs of skin ageing. These small superficial wrinkles, usually visible at the outer corner of the eye, are also called expression lines or crow's feet. Expression lines also appear on the forehead whilst deeper wrinkles, called naso-genian furrows, can appear between the nose and mouth.

This is something women are growing increasingly aware of: fighting ageing is no longer just about fighting wrinkles. According to an IPSOS survey (2009), 53% of women over 15 years put sagging skin and lack of skin fullness at the top of their beauty concerns. This type of ageing is due to the gradual deterioration of tissues under the skin and the slowing of the skin’s youthful mechanisms.

But there are some simple signs to watch out for:
- This skin does not hold moisture well.
- Skin is more marked when you wake (even after 8 hours sleep).
- Deepening of dark under eye circles.
- Appearance of vertical wrinkles in dark circles.
- Hollowing of cheeks making cheek bones appear less prominent and cheeks less rounded and plump.
- Cheeks seem a few millimetres lower. - Accentuation of ‘laugh lines’.
- Appearance of a marionette line from the corner of the mouth descending to the chin.
- Loss of skin tone – thinning of the face.

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