Discover Anti-Ageing Study That Reveals No Wear Out Effect

Discover Anti-Ageing Study That Reveals No Wear Out Effect

Independent gold-standard study shows new anti-ageing formula keeps getting better and better, over time.


The methodology consisted of testing the product on a group of 97 women over a 6 month period (168 days), twice a day, with monthly assessments, resulting in 6000 in-depth skin measurements taken by an independent dermatologist. L’Oreal searched the globe for the best and most rigorous test house to ensure the results where undisputable. The study  was completely blind, totally unbranded with just instructions for their use so the panel and clinicians  could only respond to the effects of the product and nothing else.  Ensuring that the panel followed the same methodology for the entire 6 month period meant that each visit was closely assessed  from every angle.  
To evaluate the intensity of the skin ageing signs of the face at different time and to be compared to the initial values (baseline)


97 women volunteers were included with all skin types (Normal 56% - Mixed oily 10% - mixed dry 18% - dry 13% - very dry 3%).

These women were aged 40-65 years old (mean age : 53.6 yo) and all of them presented the following skin ageing signs on face :
- wrinkles on crow’s feet area, minimal grade ≥2 
- underneath eye wrinkles, minimal grade >2
- an heterogeneous complexion, grade ≥4 on a 10 points scale.
- a lack of firmness, minimal grade ≥4 on a 10 points scale.


They speak for themselves in both self-evaluation and in clinical measurements...
Self-evaluation results revealed that even after 6 months, more than 70% of the women agreed that their wrinkles looked reduced vs the previous month.
Clinical scorage reported that after six months of use, wrinkles were reduced by 18%, skin was firmer by 34% and skin tone was 44% more even. 
“At IEC we specialise in clinical studies, and are renowned for the rigor and seriousness of our methods. We conducted a clinical study in blind for L’Oreal Paris Laser X3 anti-ageing cream for 6 months, and this long duration is quite unusual2.  The dermatologist who graded the women month after month couldn’t be influenced as we didn’t even know the active ingredients of the formula, nor the brand for which it was tested” Etienne Camel,  Pharm.D, president of IEC (Institue d’Expertise Clinique)

“When you look at the final results, [it] is quite impressive”.



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