An exclusive insight into the double care consumer study

An exclusive insight into the double care consumer study

We were so confident that women would love our latest skincare innovation, The Double Care, that we decided to put it to the test.

At L’Oréal Paris we are very proud to introduce The Double Care by Revitalift Laser Renew. Revitalift holds the title for world’s number one anti-ageing range according to the agency ACN Nielsen (in world units Jan-Oct 2015) so with our latest innovation of The Double Care, we wanted to put it to the test, a consumer blind usage test in fact; the panel did not know which products they were testing!

We wanted to see how The Double Care with a Recommended Retail Price* of £24.99 would perform against the best creams that money can buy. So we decided to benchmark it against the best of premium skincare, the products that have an RRP* of £200 and more.

Identifying the luxury bestseller 
The luxury market data experts, NPD Group told us that Crème de La Mer Moisturizing 60ml (RRP* £200) was number one in value and unit sales amongst female facial creams in the UK with RRPs* of £200+ between January and December 2015. 

Finding the experts
With the market research agency Conquest UK, we then asked a panel of 164 women. They were women who knew what they were talking about when it came to judging creams; they were aged 35-55 years old and use anti-ageing creams at least three times a week.

Blindly testing
Once the panel were recruited in April 2016, the women stopped using any creams on their face for at least 7 days to ensure no other products interfered with the results. They were then sent both plain packs without branding to test blindly so they had no idea what the creams were or which brand they belonged to. 

Trialling stage 1
Half of the women received one of the test creams to try first and the other half received the alternative test cream to try first. Splitting the panel in half and alternating the trial of each cream minimised bias in the order of testing. The panel had enough of each cream to try for 4 weeks as well as the right tools to easily use the creams such as recommended application instructions.

Trialling stage 2
After they tried the 1st cream they then again had at least 7 days without any use of creams, before using the second test product for another 4 week trial. Then we dared to ask them which product they preferred and why. The results speak for themselves! 


Not only did they prefer The Double Care overall, the women told us that they preferred The Double Care in terms of every one of the 35 different, more specific metrics. You can see this in the graph below.

We asked them, “For each of the following characteristics, please indicate which gave you the best result for your skin”. The percentage agreements in favour of The Double Care were significantly higher on every question!

Discover the science behind Revitalift Laser Renew The Double Care here.

*Retailers are free to set their own prices 

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