A new winning formula Explore the studio pro science

A new winning formula Explore the studio pro science

Instant hold fixation. 48 hours endurance*.


At the heart of the formula, there is a perfect blend of 2 fixing polymers [Anionic + Amphoteric]. The two fixing polymers grip hair for extreme hold, offering instant fixation that continues to last for up to 48 hours*.

This formula offers you an advanced level of fixation and provides a perfect blend to fix your hairstyle while helping to preserve the natural touch of your hair.

A gentle agent infused within the formula cuts out crispiness and keeps hair feeling like it should. So you can step up your style.

With the ultra-fine diffusion system, Studio Pro can be applied on damp hair, to perfect the finish of your style.

*Curl instrumental retention test over 48 hours, 1 application of Studio Pro on natural hair. Controlled high-humidity conditions (80%RH).

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