The Science of  Elvive Full Restore 5

The Science of Elvive Full Restore 5

Daily wear and tear can break up the hair's surface and weaken the fibre. Hair becomes weak, looking limp and lifeless, dull and strawlike.

What if you could restore the look and feel of your hair?
Every day we put our hair through the mill, not only is it attacked by the elements – the sun, wind, rain, pollution – but also by our attempts to get it looking its best – straightening, blowdrying, the works! This leads to the hair fibre being damaged leaving our hair dry, dull, weak, brittle and unruly.

This damage to your hair is the result of a host of microfissures, microscopic “wounds”, which increase in size over time as the cuticle, the protective shield of the hair fibre, is worn down. This leads the hair to gradually lose its softness, shine, strength and resistance. Unlike the skin, the hair is not a living structure and so damage is naturally irreversible.

A solution to this damage? Elvive Full Restore 5.
Full Restore 5 was born in Brazil, one of the largest haircare markets for damaged hair in the world. By studying the hair of these “hair junkies” who stop at nothing when it comes to getting the look they want for their hair, Full Restore 5 has created a new amazing care for damaged hair.

Since its birth, Full Restore 5 has continued to innovate and now brings you its latest technology: Cicamide. This Full Restore 5 has a twostep action:

1/ It helps to reinforce the hair fibre, countering the appearance of the signs of damage caused by the microfissures.
2/ It replenishes the hair’s shine for a resurfaced effect.

Not only have we introduced a new technology into our existing range, we’ve also created a brand new handbag hero so you can Full Restore your hair wherever, and whenever you need. Meet the brand new Full Restore 5 Damage Rescue CICACream. Used as part of the Full Restore 5 program with the Shampoo and conditioner, the CICACream provides 3 key benefits:

1/ AntiBreakage: Hair is stronger* [Image of CICACream]
2/ AntiSplit Ends: Reduces the look of split ends**
3/ Antidullness: Leaves hair looking shiny and feeling soft

Specially designed for damaged lengths and ends, the Damage Rescue CICACream is a leavein care with a barelythere feel. Its finesse and light texture mean it’s easily applied leaving hair coated and feeling softened, easy to detangle and ready to style.

Discover the Full Restore 5 Damage Rescue CICACream
*Instrumental test Full Restore 5 Shampoo, Conditioner & CICACream vs classic shampoo on bleached hair.
**Instrumental test: Full Restore 5 Shampoo, Conditioner & CICACream vs classic shampoo.

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