3 Time-Saving Beauty Hacks For A Busy Morning

3 Time-Saving Beauty Hacks For A Busy Morning

Living such busy lives, there isn’t enough time to spend on super complicated hair care and beauty routines in the morning. That snooze button is all too tempting! But there are ways to cut corners, so you can still look and feel great without the million step beauty regime – it’s all about organisation. Follow these beauty hacks to get ready in a flash.

Hair care

Tip 1. Use quality, time-saving conditioners

Want to speed up your shower? There are multiple ways to deep condition your hair, but many conditioners only provide intense hydration if they’re left in for a while – which is hard to make time for in an already hectic routine. The L’Oréal Paris Elvive Rapid Reviver range includes intensely formulated conditioners with double the amount of caring agents than a classic conditioner, including essential amino acid. They provide protection and nourishment, instantly.


Tip 2. Apply leave-in products

Too tight on time for a lengthy hair care routine? You can give your locks the hydration-boost they need while cutting out the shower thanks to leave-in conditioners. Simply spray the leave-in formula through dry hair and you’re good to go. If you thought it couldn’t get any better, it can also help protect your hair from heat damage and tangling!


Tip 3. Go for the up-do

Does your hair never quite sit the way you want it? If you find yourself having to straighten, curl or add waves on a daily basis, find an easy up-do that works for you – like a quick ponytail or messy bun. Not only is this more hassle-free but skipping the heat styling step will also help your hair recover if it’s in need of a break.


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