3 Ways To Deep Condition Your Hair

3 Ways To Deep Condition Your Hair

Do you have damaged hair that’s crying for some TLC and repair? Or maybe you just want to give your locks an essential dose of daily moisture? From conditioners and hair masks to deep conditioning treatments, there are many ways to pamper your hair, but what’s the difference? Read our rundown to discover which product is right for you.


You probably already use conditioner regularly. These staple hair care products are light in texture, help to detangle knots and add a splash of moisture to your hair after shampooing (which can actually dry hair out).

The main benefits of conditioner? It’s quick and easy to incorporate into your shower routine, so you can nourish your hair as often as daily. But it doesn’t always give your hair that extra nourishment it needs.

How to use

Using conditioner is straightforward – the main thing to remember is to use the right amount. For long hair, this should be almost enough to fill your palm, and for short hair, just a walnut-sized amount. Coat your hair all the way down to the ends, then rinse out as soon as you wish.


Hair masks

Masks are concentrated hair conditioning treatments that nourish and repair the hair’s fibres. One of the main benefits of hair masks is that they’re fantastic at pumping your hair with moisture and nurturing damaged ends, leaving you with healthier, glossy-looking locks. Mask treatments are best if your hair is very damaged from colour or heat styling, as it’s the most intensive moisturising treatment available.

Always in a hurry? If you’re looking for a quick morning fix, a hair mask might not be the one for you, as they should be left on the hair for a while. However this makes it the perfect product for a pamper evening.

How to use

After shampooing, instead of going for a conditioner, reach for a hair mask. Carefully coat your hair with a generous amount, being sure to take the product right to the ends.

Sit back, relax and leave the mask on for as long as the packaging says – but don’t overdo it. Hair can feel oily and weighed down if exposed to too much intensive moisture. Rinse thoroughly.

For damaged hair, repeat this process two or three times a week to really rebuild and maintain your hair’s strength.

Deep conditioning treatments

Want to give your hair a little extra TLC, but don’t have time for regular masks? A deep conditioning treatment could be your new best friend. This revolutionary product gives you the smooth, well-nourished results of a mask in a fraction of the time.

Our range of Rapid Reviver conditioners are formulated with a powerful combination of amino acids and nourishing ingredients with twice the concentration of a standard conditioner. Incorporate this into your hair routine to help transform hair instantly and make every second of your hectic life count!

If your hair’s been coloured, use the fast-acting Elvive Colour Protect Rapid Reviver to nourish while locking in your chosen shade. Have damaged ends but still crave your long hair goals? Nourish your hair in a flash with Elvive Dream Lengths Rapid Reviver. Or if you struggle with dry, unmanageable hair, Elvive Extraordinary Oil Rapid Reviver will enrich it with essential nourishing oils daily, so you can take a break from the regular hair masks and save them for special occasions. 

How to use

Deep hair conditioning treatments are formulated to give you ultimate care without the wait, so they’re super-easy to use. As you would with a conditioner, apply an appropriate size to your locks after shampooing and rinse when you like. Et voilà – intensely nourished hair in seconds.


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