About the Bronde hair trend

About the Bronde hair trend

From the red carpet to gypsetters, from the blogosphere to the street, the coolest girls on the planet have adopted the Bronde effect – THE most essential trend of 2015! Following tie & dye, ombre hair and the man bun, the term ‘bronde’ is blowing all research statistics out of the water.

So, what exactly does #BRONDE mean?

It’s a simple blend of brunette and blonde – a hair colour that combines both of them. Préférence Glam Bronde offers endless nuances and gives hair luminous shine with honey-coloured tones.

London, New York, Rio, Paris the bronde phenomenon is erupting all over the world. Going bronde is not just colouring your hair, it’s a statement, a way to make your mark. It’s the liberated ‘non-colour’ for anybody not wanting to choose between the sexy look of a blonde and the sophistication of a brunette. Hot and sexy – that’s a true bronde!

More on the wild side or more sophisticated and chic, bronde goes with any look – from the tamest to the height of eccentricity!

Why is everyone seeing life in #BRONDE?

  • Because bronde is a universal colour trend which complements all complexions and suits all types of hair colour.
  • Because stars all around the world – from the hottest brunettes to the sexiest blondes, have succumbed to the phenomenon, making us want it too.
  • Because after the Ombre hair trend, bronde is a more subtle effect that is easy to wear. You get blonder, without being totally blonde! Not to forget it’s the flattering trend hottest models, stylists and editors are wearing.
  • Because quite simply girls just want to have the best of both worlds! So why choose?

Get the #BRONDE look with the stroke of a brush

A special triple-action expert highlights brush inspired by professional salon techniques + highlighting formulae calibrated for all bases = GLAM BRONDE: ultra-blended highlights with no lines or streaks for a colour result between blonde and brunette, a perfect bronde.

The Préférence Glam Bronde brush on balayage kit gives you hi-shine ultra-blended golden tones with the sophistication of a brunette and the added depth of an elegant blonde.

Get the bronde effect which best suits you, to mark your style and your mood. Look spectacular, bang on trend.

#BRONDE tips from the colouring expert himself

"If you want to go blonde without tipping over the edge into full blonde, you need to choose the right tone. It should be two or at most 3 tones above your natural colour. The bronde range has been specifically developed to cover all tones and complexions. We have on our hands L’Oreal Paris’s new generation of highlighting which scatters subtle blonde tints throughout the hair with glints of bronze, beige, cold and honey tones. Even dark brunettes can find bronde perfection with light tones. Then, it’s all about style with the expert brush to create a tamer, wilder or straightout rock bronde effect."

Christophe Robin

Global Hair colourist, L’Oreal Paris

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