Re-Discover your rosy glow with Age Perfect Golden Age

Re-Discover your rosy glow with Age Perfect Golden Age

Get the rosy look: discover how to rediscover your rosy glow.
L'Oréal Paris has all the tips and tricks you need to put colour back into your cheeks.

We are living in an era that values older women like never before: beauty isn’t about age but exuberance. This love of life is emulated by women such as actress Helen Mirren, who are bold and confident in their skin, refusing to let age be a barrier to enjoying life and celebrating their femininity.

But while we’ve never felt better, our skin can look washed out as the colour in our cheeks fades with age. A rosy glow creates a healthy look so the experts at L’Oréal Paris’ have formulated their latest Age Perfect Golden Age range to give older complexions back their glow. 

An authority on mature beauty, L’Oréal Paris has all the tips and tricks you need to put colour back into your cheeks. 

Hydrate & glow 
It’s not about hiding your wrinkles, but making the texture and tone of your skin look its best. Hydration is key for mature skin, which lack moisture due to sluggish microcirculation and a compromised skin barrier function. L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Golden Age Glow Re-Activating Essence is specially formulated for mature skin to elegantly hydrate the skin and brighten dull complexions. Boosted with illuminating pink-hued micro-pearls it’s the first step to achieving a radiant glow. Take your cue from Helen Mirren and apply L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Glow Re-Activating Essence every morning. 

Perfect your skin

The only day cream you need to bring an age-faded complexion to life, L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Golden Age Rosy Re-Fortifying Day Cream adds a dose of colour to mature skin. With imperial peony extract the cream kick starts a more beautiful complexion, giving it a rosy tint for a beautiful, illuminated glow. The formula, which is enriched with neo calcium, helps to strengthen and plump skin with moisture for a re-cushioning effect.

Lift your blush

While the Age Perfect Golden Age range does all the groundwork to achieving an instant rosy glow, a little blush helps grace washed out cheeks with additional colour. It’s all about tweaking your existing technique: as a rule, the more mature your skin is the higher you should place your blush to create lift. Don’t be scared to use modern textures: cream blushes and the latest super-fine milled powders melt over skin and reflect light to impart subtle radiance. Here, Helen wears L’Oréal Paris True Match Blush in Shade 120, Sandlewood Rose.

Define brows

Get brows professionally shaped and tinted and top up with L’Oréal Paris Brow Artist Shaper Pencil which helps to raise brows into a subtle arch that lifts the face and draws attention to your eyes. Fill in any gaps, then exaggerate the arch from the top. Lengthening the end of the brows out towards the temples also helps frame the face, simply end in line with the outer corners of the eyes. 

Boost lashes
A sweep of mascara enhances the eyes while keeping your look soft and natural. Apply mascara to the top lashes only as wearing it on bottom lashes can give the appearance of shadows if you have puffiness under the eyes (which can be problem with age). Define every lash with L’Oréal Paris Volume Million Lashes in Black, which was Helen’s choice here. 

Enhance lips

Like our cheeks, the natural hue of lips can appear washed out with age. But you don’t necessarily need a statement lipstick to bring colour and definition back to lips, a natural plum or pink shade will do the job. It’s worth evening out the lip line first with a lip pencil in a similar shade to your natural lip colour. Helen is wearing L’Oréal Paris Color Riche Lipstick in shade 214 Plum, a natural plum shade enriched with Omega-3 oils and vitamin E to protect lips from drying out. Now smile: it’s the perfect addition to a rosy glow.

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