How to use sea salt spray on hair

When we hear surfer hair, we immediately think of perfect, loose curls and breezy texture. Unless you’re one of the lucky ones that gets to live by the seaside all year-round, you may struggle to achieve the perfect sea spritzed look. This is why we created our sea salt spray, Stylista Beach Wave Mist. The ultimate product for beach-blown waves, this texturising spray promises the loose, curly hair of your dreams, without needing to be beside the sea. And the best part is, this style isn’t just for summer. We’ve created a list of best practices for using sea salt spray on your locks, as well as few tips for using it to style your strands perfectly in winter months.

Salt spray on wet hair

If you want to add a little extra texture to straight hair or to enhance your natural curls, a salt spray like Stylista Beach Wave Mist is perfect for you. By using it on damp hair, you’re giving the product the opportunity to dry as your hair does, helping to maintain its hold and add more texture to your overall look.
To use this method, wash your hair and then dry it using a cotton t-shirt or a microfiber cloth. The key is to pat your hair as you dry it, rather than rub, to reduce friction and frizz. With damp hair, spray your sea salt spray liberally from the mid-shaft to the end of your strands and then scrunch gently upward. Air dry your hair from here, or if you have one, use a diffuser on a low setting to speed up dry time without disrupting your frizz-free waves.
Salt spray on dry hair

When hair is dry, sea salt spray can be added for a little extra oomph. It lends a low-maintenance, easy texture to your strands. In order to use it to its fullest potential, wash and dry your hair and then style as normal. 

Once you’ve used your heat tools and any serums you might have on hand, like Elvive Extraordinary Hair Oil, apply Stylista Beach Wave Mist your favourite sea salt spray and scrunch. For best application, spray lightly so your hair isn’t weighed down or overwhelmed by newfound texture. 

Where best to apply it

When determining how best to apply sea salt spray, it’s most important to consider your individual hair length and texture. If you have long hair, it’s likely to be pretty heavy, so spraying lightly from mid-way down your hair through to the tips will give you the beach wave you crave, without weighing your hair down even further at the root.

If, on the other hand, your hair is on the finer side, gently spray from root to tip on dry hair. Sea salt spray is a texturising agent, so applying it at the root and giving it a run-through with your fingers will help give you a volume boost in two seconds flat.

What can you expect from a sea salt spray

Unless your hair is naturally chock-a-block full of curls, expect a wave or a ‘wend’. This hyper-loose, not-quite-wavy style is at the height of fashion these days – seen everywhere from red carpets to date nights to Sunday brunches – and sea salt spray is a stylist’s go-to for achieving this look. 
What to do when Winter rolls around

Even when daily sun is seems long-forgotten, your beach waves certainly don’t have to be. A good sea salt spray can work wonders in the winter months.
Another great winter hack? Take your surfer waves into an updo style. To create nearly every type of updo, you need texture. Spray generously onto dry strands to give yourself extra grip and then, once your style is in place, use your sea salt spray as a finishing spray for a more matte finish on a classic style.
If you don a hat from September to March, we have a hack for you too. Sea salt spray is great for combating friction and static, so hat hair can become a thing of the past. Style your hair as you otherwise would to create textured waves that flow beautiful beneath your hat. And if you do get some flyaway strands? Simply dampen your hair lightly, spray again, then tousle.

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