Morning VS Nightly Cleanse

Morning VS Nightly Cleanse

We all know that a cleansing skincare routine is essential if we want to keep our skin youthful and glowing for longer. Cleansing morning and night goes without saying. But it still needs to be done correctly.

If we want to keep our peachy look, we need to cleanse our skin both morning and night to get rid of toxins accumulated during the day (pollution, smoke, stress, sebum) as well as grime that built up whilst we slept. It's as easy a pie, but such an important step that even younger women should take the time if they want to keep their skin in really good nick. If we don't cleanse then black heads will crop up due to excess sebum, our pores will get clogged, wrinkles will deepen and our complexion will look dull. In other words, our skin suffocates. So a cleansing skincare routine is BIG must, even if you've crawled in at the crack of dawn. Added plus: most cleansers have additional properties that can soften, hydrate or improve skin's suppleness. And help us to look better than ever!

A morning cleanse doesn't involve removing make up (unless you crashed out with yours on!!), but more of a gentle clean to get rid of any toxins or sweat built up during the night. Start with a spritz of thermal water to wake up your skin and hydrate and tone the epidermis. Pat dry - rubbing will only irritate your skin. Follow with a gentle cleanser such as micellar water, working from the bottom of your face up to your forehead and from the centre out. It'll will get rid of any remaining grime and immediately firm up your skin. Finish off with toner to leave your skin fresh, purified and ready to be made up.

Deeply cleansing your skin before heading off to bed is the one way ticket to gorgeous skin. It'll remove impurities accumulated throughout the day (pollution, smoke, sebum), make up and allow your skin to breathe. It will also help it to soak up active ingredients - anti-ageing, mattifying, hydrating and so forth. Go gently, however, as you don't want to harm the protective hydrolipidic film. Start by placing a soaked cotton pad on each eye to dilute greasy eye shadows and mascara. Leave it for a few seconds and then remove any grime by working in a figure of '8', making sure you don't break off any eyelashes. Cleanse the rest of your face using your fingers, so you don't end up rubbing and irritating your skin. You can use an oil, gel or cleansing lotion. Use circular movements over your forehead, cheeks, chin and sides of the nose. And don't forget your neck! Remove all traces of your cleanser with a cotton pad soaked in warm water and finish off with a spritz of thermal or floral water

You've just crawled in, it's 4am and cleansing's the last thing on your bleary mind. Plus you're not wearing any makeup. So what's the big deal?

During the day, makeup, sweat, sebum, pollution, smoke and grime accumulate on our skin. If we don't remove these suffocating compounds, our skin can't regenerate or repair itself overnight. Pre-bedtime cleansing is essential if you don't want to wake up to:

Makeup - foundation/powder/blusher etc. - leaves a suffocating layer on our face. What happens if you don't remove makeup? Your get clogged pores. They'll open up, ooze sebum and form spots. Your skin will be unable to oxygenate itself, leaving you with a dull complexion. Cleansing will keep your pores healthy and clean.

Makeup keeps us looking fabulous. But it also sucks water out of our skin. Its top layer, the stratum corneum, governs water retention and protects our skin's natural moisturising mechanism. Cleansing allows our skin to breathe and regulate its water levels so that it remains comfy and supple.

What causes acne? An unhealthy mix of bacteria, grime and sebum. There's only one way to avoid it: a nightly cleanse so that your skin can breathe and repair any damage caused. If your skin is acne-prone, don't make matters worse by scrubbing it to death - opt for a gentle, perfume-free, non-comedogenic cleanser.

Skin is generally hardy stuff, but it can still become super-sensitive. Wearing makeup all day (or all day and night) will greatly increase the risk of irritation. Flaky, red skin guaranteed!

Makeup disguises imperfections and some signs of ageing, but becomes counter-productive if we don't take it off. If your face isn't clean there's no point in applying a night cream. And no night cream = worse wrinkles!

Article supplied & written by Marie Claire, part of Hearst Communications, Inc.

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