New Season Nail Trends Q&A with Nail Expert Lorraine Griffin

New Season Nail Trends Q&A with Nail Expert Lorraine Griffin

It’s time to shake off the old and embrace the new; L’Oréal Paris Nail Expert Lorraine Griffin talks you through the hottest trends set to hit your fingertips…


Q. Glitter is everywhere this season, how can we wear it in a sophisticated way?

A. “Take party season to your fingertips with this deluxe, high shine nail look. Color Riche Glitter Topcoats have an incredible depth and holographic quality making them the most modern way to dip into this season's mirror me trend. The shades I've used are Underwater Kiss and Sailor Dream. I like to apply 2-3 coats to build up to a really dramatic look. If your nails are long paint the underneath of the nail for extra impact. Don’t worry about making a mess! You can always tidy up afterwards.”

Q. Any tips for application and most importantly taking it off?

A. “Using Infallible Topcoat will bring a chic, polished feel to your glitter nails and make it last so much longer. When it comes to removal I suggest soaking a cotton wool pad in nail polish remover, hold it over your nails for one minute and then pull off slowly.”


Q. What’s new with nail art? Should we still be wearing it?

A. “Nail art has finally grown up and we’ve got the perfect products to make it happen for you. The mood now is rainbow clashes, using romantic and dramatic tones, so bring a luxurious base colour to your nails with Infallible Nail in Rebel Blues – a deep midnight blue with a decadent finish. The next step is to grab Glitter Topcoat in Underwater Kiss and get as much glitter on the brush as you can before holding it against the base of your nail.”

Q. How can we make sure our nail art stays on the right side of chic?

A. “The longer your nails, the higher up the nail you can take the glitter. Shorter nails should keep it as close to the base of the nail as possible.”


Q. What if we want to stick with the classics? Is there a way to update red this season?

A. “It’s a classic look yet there’s something so eternally fresh about a set of red nails. Winter red is all about a sharp vivid rouge shot with a blue undertone. My favourite red is Infallible Nail Colour in Red Infallible. It flatters just about every skin tone and is perfect for this time of year when dull, winter skin begins to set in.”

Q. Should we wear our nails square or rounded?

A. “Shape nails into a slightly rounded shape for the most modern look.”


Q. Ombre nails were huge last summer but what’s the new way to wear two-tone nail polish?

A. “This nail is all about the drama! Combine vivid colours such as red and burgundy for an unusual take on ombre. Start with your lightest colour first and then apply the darker shade over the top. The most important thing to remember at this point is that the magic happens when you apply the topcoat. Infallible Nail Topcoat has a magical bonding effect that fuses your two colours together creating the desired gradient effect.”

Q. This sounds like it can easily go wrong! Any tips for getting the colour combination just right?

A. “Stick to shades within the same colour family for an elegant and on trend effect. We used Infallible Nail in Double Entendre and Forever Burgundy.”

Q. What does spring have in store for our nails in terms of trends? Anything that we can start to work now?

A. “Definitely. Nude is really making a comeback but for spring/summer it will take on a much more opaque quality than we’ve seen before. Think of it as a sheer soft nude. I also predict the ‘off pastels’ we saw all over the runways will make it to our nails as well. Look our for tangerine and apple greens.”



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