The Importance Of  Your Night Skin Care Routine

The Importance Of Your Night Skin Care Routine


Some of us skip moisturising in the evening as we think we can do without it. For those who sleep enough, eat well, do not smoke and are younger than 25, that is probably true. For the rest of us, a night cream is a crucial part of our night skin care routine. Here's why.

Reason #1 Skin Needs Hydration In The Evening
The skin loses water throughout the day and the night, with a peak at 4am. So, we need to make up for this lack of moisture by applying a hydrating, nourishing night cream: this will saturate the skin with water, essential fatty acids, nutrients and oligoelements. If the epidermis is dried out or dehydrated, a night cream will give it back its smoothness and softness. This is all the more important in the winter or after prolonged exposure to the sun. So, don't skip this step in your night skin care routine: it ensures immediate comfort for your skin. It would be a shame to miss out on this soft skin feeling!

Reason #2 It Helps The Skin To Recover
During the day, your skin suffers endless environmental aggressions: stress, pollution, tobacco, UV… the list of free radical-inducing factors goes on. It produces waste that it must eliminate to be on top form. If toxins accumulate too much, skin cells start to dysfunction. The result: a dull complexion, dehydrated skin, wrinkles, spots and red patches. It is when we sleep that the skin gets to work to repair the damage done during the day. During this process, the blood circulation to the skin is stronger, in order to provide the nutrients needed to get rid of these toxins. Night creams boost the cells' cleansing system to deep-clean the skin and eliminate the particles that make it dull.

Reason #3 It Gives You A Glowing Complexion
Another night-time phenomenon is cell renewal, which is at its height between 1am and 3am. So, help this process along by enhancing your night skin care routine with powerful active ingredients such as retinol, resveratrol, hyaluronic acid and anti dark spot substances. Before going to bed, using face peel creams that contain AHA (glycolic or lactic acids) or BHA (salicylic acid) will smooth out the skin's surface and stimulate skin regeneration. These products can make your skin brighter and smoother, stamp out dark spots and erase fine lines.

Reason #4 It Helps In The Fight Against Ageing
The night is the perfect time to make up for any potential deficiencies and soothe skin aggravations caused during the day. So, opt for a night cream with an effective repair formula. It will provide the dermis with all it needs to repair itself: hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, peptides… for an anti wrinkle effect and maximum firmness. 

Reason #5 There's A Night Cream For Everyone
Whether it's a serum, cream, mask, product that you rub in or one that you leave to act all night… there are endless night creams out there, which adapt both to your skin type and to the kind of texture you are looking for. Whether you prefer a luxurious cold cream, a soothing cloth mask or a half-oil half-cream serum, you are sure to find a night cream that fits your skin and your needs.


Experts now say that your nighttime skincare routine is worth double your daytime effort. So if you want to wake up to brighter skin, best get clued up on the products that maximise your chances of skin repair and rejuvenation.

Getting a good night's sleep is a job in itself these days. We know we're not supposed to be scrolling through Instagram on our smartphones until silly o'clock or binge watching Catastrophe (hilar) and definitely not scaring ourselves silly with the new Paula Hawkins' thriller, but we do it anyway – only to wake up to drab, exhausted skin. And somehow we're surprised?! When even Disney princesses are well-acquainted with beauty sleep, why do we think we're exempt?
Your nighttime skincare and the quality of sleep you get are wholly responsible for tomorrow's complexion. It's a simple equation: better kip equals brighter skin. Here's how to work the system for putting your best face forward.

1. The Night Manager
During the day your skin works to protect itself from pollution, UV rays and the inevitable stress of modern working life. Your skin prioritises safeguarding itself from these aggressors and puts all its energy into shielding duties. So when nighttime comes around, it can switch its focus to restoring and regenerating, ready for the next day's trials.

Essentially the wee small hours are when skin goes into overdrive and all the anti-ageing skin repair action happens. So if you want youthful-looking, brighter skin, the best thing you can do is load it with the right nighttime skincare just before you hit the hay and that means the plant-packed, botanical extravaganza of a facial oil. Skin drinks up oil through the night and uses it to renew itself to look nourished and radiant.

2. The Clean-Up Act
Scientists recently proved that bad sleepers have a higher skin age because their skin doesn't have the chance to complete its nocturnal detoxification process. So partying like Cara will only have you looking like your mother sooner. Cleaning away toxins and cell damage build-up helps skin to look more youthful but if you don't give it all the hours it needs, skin is left looking tired and with more lines and wrinkles.
Anti-ageing serums help to support this essential cleansing process and it only takes seconds to pat them on between slipping into your new Olivia Von Halle silk pyjamas (we can dream) and your head hitting the pillow. 

3. Taking It All In
The increased blood flow in the skin while you sleep means any nighttime skincare products you apply will be more readily absorbed, so use this clever knack to your advantage. Once a week, forgo the after-work CrossFit session in favour of an early night and slather on a rich face mask to deliver lots of skin-boosting nutrients and increase skin repair while you sleep.

4. Eyes Wide Shut
Supposedly we blink somewhere around 10,000 times a day (who counted that?!), so nighttime is the only time our eye muscles are still. This pause in activity is perfect for applying a firming eye cream along the orbital bones around the eyes. Take care to dot not drag the skin, though, as it's super delicate.

5. Breaking Down Barriers
Sleep strengthens your skin's trans-epidermal water loss barrier, the key factor in how much moisture you retain in your skin. When you skimp on sleep this barrier gets compromised and you can become easily dehydrated. Applying a rich nighttime moisturiser every night helps to reinforce this protective barrier and lock in moisture for juicer, brighter skin come morning. 

Article supplied & written by Marie Claire, part of Hearst Communications, Inc

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