Rose Gold: 2018 hair colour spotlight

Rose Gold: 2018 hair colour spotlight

Over the years, hair trends have gone from conservative colours to the limitless shades of the sea, sky and outer space. One of the most head-turning hair colour trends? Rose gold.
This metallic shade has taken over everything from phones and accessories to nail polishes, and now it’s being requested at the hairdressers too. Read on to discover our favourite ways to rock this easy-to-wear shade.

Choose the shade that works for you

When we say rose gold, what we mean is a colour in the rose gold family. As with every colour of hair dye, there are variants in tone, each designed to accent the look you’re going for.


Warm Rosy Tones

Choose a warm, rosy tone if you’re looking to accent medium brown to darker hair colours. This tonal variant helps to bring the romance of the rose gold trend to life. It’s soft, sweet, and offers a more subtle way to experiment than other shades that fall into the vibrant hair category.


Rich Vibrant Tones

If you want to really go for it, why not opt for colour in its full force? A vibrant rose gold shade won’t go unnoticed, especially with colours like L’Oréal Paris Préférence Infinia Rich Rose Gold on the market. Vibrancy and garishness couldn’t be further apart on the spectrum with colour like this. It translates slightly differently on different base hair colours, but it offers a permanent, caramel-sweet blonde shade with rosy undertones that really bring it to life. 


Cool Rose Blonde Tones

Want a hip, city-chic look? There’s a rose gold for you, too. Do away with soft romance or bold hues and channel what you’d imagine Marilyn Monroe to wear, had rose gold been her hair colour of choice. Opt for a super cool rose gold shade that’s icy enough to rival platinum blonde. L’Oréal Paris Colorista Paint Rose Blonde is the perfect colour, loaded with metallic, smokey and deep burgundy hues. 


Styling rose gold shades

Rose gold hair can be styled however you like, but here are our favourite looks that bring out the depth of this beautiful colour.


The retro wave

Rose gold comes into its own when worked into an old school Hollywood style. To begin, part your hair deeply to one side using your finger or a rat tail comb. Then, curl your hair using hot rollers or a large barrel curling iron. If you’re doing the latter, use hair grips to pin curls in place and hold their shape as you curl the rest of your locks. Let your hair sit until it’s cool to the touch. When you unfurl your hair, spray with your favourite hairspray – like L’Oreal Paris Stylista The Big Hair Spray – and shape lightly with a comb to complete the look. 


The sleek ombre

One of the best things about colour experimentation is just that: experimenting. If you want to incorporate rose gold into your look without taking the plunge, try an ombre blend. To do this, paint your colour on from roughly midway down the hair to the ends, working in small sections. This should be slightly undone – you don’t want a solid line of colour between the top and bottom of your locks. The best way to show off an ombre look? Style it sleek and straight.

To do so without adding the risk of heat damage, use a heat protectant like L’Oréal Paris Stylista The Blowdry Cream. Apply a dollop into your palm, rub your hands together and loosely work the product into damp hair before blow drying. For pin-straight locks, follow with L’Oréal Paris Stylista The Sleek Serum and use your hair straighteners. 


The glossy tousle

The ultimate cool girl just-woke-up look also shines in rose gold. Bring this style to life with a sea salt spray. A salt spray like L’Oréal Paris Stylista The Beach Wave Mist can create different effects depending on how it’s used. Spray onto damp hair and scrunch for frizz-free curls that hold in place. Or if you’re looking for bed-head chic, try spraying it onto dry hair and tousling with your fingers. It’ll give you added texture and the perfect wave you’re after.

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