Slow Down The Clock With An Anti Ageing Face Mask

Slow Down The Clock With An Anti Ageing Face Mask

It's a face mask jungle out there... Here's a closer look at the anti ageing variety! A great way to get back your youthful glow in a matter of minutes. A clear, fresh complexion, ironed out wrinkles, plump features... What are we waiting for?

The Beauty Benefits Of Face Masks
Homemade or shop-bought, who doesn't love a pampering face mask? Easy to use, fun and sensual, their instant results continue to take the beauty world by storm. They soothe and treat skin in a flash. Tired lines, bags and dark circles are kicked to curb in a matter of minutes. And they leave dull skin with a gorgeous, healthy glow. Whether you apply a mask regularly or once in a blue moon, they work a treat. They provide an occlusive layer that also helps our skin to absorb ingredients in other treatments. Sleeping masks need to work overnight, but other than that you'll get immediate results.

Mask Your Way To A Youthful Complexion
There's no need to go under the surgeon's knife when signs of ageing raise their ugly heads. There are plenty of needle and pain-free alternatives. And an anti ageing face mask is one simple way to get supple, elastic, firm, baby-soft skin. They keep us looking younger by ironing out lines and wrinkles and banishing age spots. Our skin gets to soak in a bath full of active ingredients!


Who doesn't want to wake up to a smooth, youthful complexion? You'll be pleased to know that there are loads of anti-ageing treatments out there. Here's a closer look at one of them - the anti-ageing face mask.

Anti-Ageing Face Masks, Wrinkle-Busting Superheroes
There's no need to go under the surgeon's knife as soon as wrinkles, fine lines and age-related blemishes raise their ugly heads. There are tons of treatments that will keep your skin supple, flexible and baby soft. One of the simplest ways to do this is with an anti-ageing face mask. Not only does it preserve a youthful glow - thanks to the thick layer they leave on our skin, smothering it in goodness and soaking it in a bath of powerful active ingredients - but it can be a thoroughly relaxing experience, and a great excuse for a bit of ‘me’ time.

Homemade Anti-Ageing Mask
The best known and easiest DIY face mask uses egg white, lemon juice and argan oil. Great for mature skin, this mask has a natural lifting effect that evens out skin tone to leave a smooth, glowing complexion. With each ingredient imparting its own special powers, this magical blend helps reduce wrinkles and unifies pores, making skin immediately soft and silky to the touch.

How To Apply Your Anti-Ageing Face Mask
Firstly, your skin needs to be squeaky clean: remove your make-up and cleanse your face using a water-based product (milk, gel or foam) to remove hydrophilic residues such as sweat, pollution and grease. Gently dry your skin with a soft towel, then apply a thick layer of your anti-ageing mask to your face and neck, and also to the back of your hands - a part of the body that's quick to show signs of ageing. Don't use your anti-ageing mask while taking a bath, as the steam will prevent the active ingredients from sticking to and penetrating your skin. But use the time to sit back and relax for a few minutes. When ready, rinse off the mask using a cotton pad soaked with a toner.

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