The big mousse comeback Meet our modern mousse!

The big mousse comeback Meet our modern mousse!

Remember mousse? Sometimes it could make hair sticky, crunchy, and it could be hard to use – it could make hair look like an eighties throwback.

But put your mousse fears aside, because thanks to L’Oréal Paris’ new innovative crème formula, we believe mousse is finally making a comeback. Versatile and luxurious to use, the new multitasking Crème de Mousse is set to challenge everything you know about mousses!

Syd Hayes, L’Oréal Paris UK Ambassador and international stylist, says:

“Mousse is a classic hair styling product – but up until now, in my experience, it is very difficult to use at home. Now that it’s been updated with a new product formulation, in my opinion, it’s a must-have for women who want perfect hair that always looks effortlessly natural – whilst retaining its shine and softness” 

The secret lies in our science: By using a hybrid formula, L’Oréal Paris Laboratories have reduced the concentration of crunchy fixing polymers. So instead of crispy stickiness that weighs hair down, Elnett Crème de Mousse floats onto the surface of the hair, melting upon contact. Dispersed in its first ever upright diffuser that fills it with super light bubbles.  

No residue, no build up. All you get is the daylong definition and hold of a mousse – with the velvety-soft, nourishing care of a cream. 

Let Elnett Crème de Mousse be the one that changes your mind.



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