Fibrology Top tips from Priya

Fibrology Top tips from Priya

"Fibrology makes my hair feel alive!"

Meet our stars on the set of the shooting of the new Fibrology TV Ad. Discover more about them and why they love Fibrology!

What is your favourite Fibrology product and why?
My favourite product is the Double Serum as I can use it on dry or wet hair, it smells lovely too.

What is your top tip for using Fibrology?
Top tip is, take your time using the products, massage your head whist using the Shampoo and Conditioner for best reults.

What is your Fibrology routine?
Use the Shampoo, give head a good rinse. Then the Conditioner, leave in for a good 5 mins, towel dry hair and apply a generous amount of Double Serum.

Do you have a Fibrology secret you want to share?
I like to use Fibrology and see if friends or family notice a difference in my hair - and someone always says your hair looks thick and full.

Describe your experience of the Fibrology TV shoot from the casting session to the shoot this week
The experience was a fabulous one, it was organised really well! I just want to say "Fibrology makes my hair feel alive!"

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