Fibrology Top tips from Sarah

Fibrology Top tips from Sarah

"As you work the shampoo in I can literally feel my hair expanding."

Meet our stars on the set of the shooting of the new Fibrology TV Ad. Discover more about them and why they love Fibrology!

What is your favourite Fibrology product and why?
The Shampoo – as you work it in I can literally FEEL my hair expanding... gives a great shower Mohican look that stays up all on its own!

What is your top tip for using Fibrology?
Cocktail the Thickness Booster with the Conditioner to help it spread and leave on for half an hour whilst giving yourself an at home facial!

What is your Fibrology routine?
Wash hair 3 times per week with Shampoo and Conditioner, adding Thickness Booster once per week and use Thickening Double Serum each time to style.

Do you have a Fibrology secret you want to share?
When my boyfriend's last bottle of normal boring shampoo finished I rinsed it out and refilled it with Fibrology shampoo and told him I had bought him a replacement (can't mention thinning hair to men!)

Describe your experience of the Fibrology TV shoot from the casting session to the shoot this week
I struggled a little with the hair preparation but on the filming day it was exciting seeing the dozens of people involved and so many elements to put an advert together. I was never made to feel without anything or unanswered questions.

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