Tips For Younger Looking Eyes Brighter Eyes

Tips For Younger Looking Eyes Brighter Eyes

Making your eyes look bigger and brighter is almost guaranteed to make you feel brighter.

Eye pick-me-up

Start by moisturising around the eyes, but instead of your regular face cream, go for a lighter one designed specifically for the thinner skin in this sensitive area like Age Perfect Eye Cream.

The halo effect

Highlighters such as Lumi Magique Primer help to miraculously lighten the look of the eye area. Highlighting below the brows can also help make your eyes look bigger and more awake. It can also be used as an alternative to eye shadow or even as an eye shadow primer.

Don't over shadow

Don’t go mad with it. Definitely avoid harsh, bright colours or anything with ageing glitter which produces a crepey, ageing effect. For a more subtle effect you could try Colour Riche La Palette, using the Matt Nude shades for a natural look.

Beautiful brows

Brows thin out and fade as you get older, so redefining them in a subtle colour that complements your skin and hair tone, can help restore contrast. Brows are an area that are important to get right, so no need to rush it and make sure you have a few practice runs before you go out!

Super natural lashes

Hair thinning also affects eyelashes, so it’s important to emphasise what you have with mascara. A brown shade will look natural on most people and will help to open up the eyes.

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