How to Remove Hair Dye At Home

How to Remove Hair Dye At Home

Semi-permanent hair dye gives you the opportunity to experiment with maximum impact and minimal commitment – what’s not to love? But what happens when you need to speed up the fading process of your Coachella-inspired colour? This FAQ will give you the inside information on how to remove semi-permanent hair dye, as well as at-home products that can help with the colour removal process.  

Hair Colour Tips

How can I remove semi-permanent hair colour at home?

Whether you went for a touch of lavender blonde for the weekend, or full on mermaid-ombré for a festival, it’s always fun to experiment with our Colorista semi-permanent products. Decided to cool off the fling with your new shade earlier than expected? L’Oréal Paris has the solution to get you back to basics. 

All hair types 

L’Oréal Paris Colorista Fader Shampoo features an ultra-gentle clarifying formula, which works by gradually reducing the vibrancy of Colorista Washout. Use in place of your daily shampoo, and in a short time watch your previous colour shine through. With the product being so mild, it’s suitable for all hair textures and colours. 
To kick-start the hair colour removal process, or if you need to get back to your previous shade ASAP, we recommend using initially for 5 minutes. 

1. Apply onto wet hair coloured by Colorista Washout, and leave on for 5 minutes
2. Gently massage the hair to penetrate the strands
3. Rinse under warm water et voilà, you should see an instant fading effect
4. Use this product each time you wash your hair to speed up the hair colour fade


Blonde hair 

For blonde hair or hair with a bleached base, we suggest removing Colorista Washout shades with L'Oréal Paris Colorista Hair Colour & Dye Remover. This product has a technical removal system, lifting out the colour from lighter shades. It’s particularly effective on blue, purple and green tones.

As the product features a mild lightening powder, it’s only suitable for use on already blonde or lightened hair. Use on brunette or darker shades could result in unwanted lift and areas of brassiness.
We recommend using this after fading your colour to the max with L’Oréal Paris Colorista Fader Shampoo.

When should I visit a salon to remove hair colour?

There are some instances where home products might not cut it – that’s when it’s time to call in the professionals. If you’re looking to remove permanent colour or if you have a multi-tonal look from techniques such as highlights and balayage, we would recommend visiting your nearest salon. Ensuring an even result can be complicated in these instances, and this is where professional expertise comes in handy. 

Occasionally, on very porous hair, semi-permanent and temporary colour can be slightly tougher to fade or remove with mild products. If this is the case, we would also advise seeking assistance from a qualified hair stylist. They will usually be able to remove the colour using a straightforward in-salon process.  

Want to find the right hair colour product for your next new look? Discover the different types of hair dye here. Then find out how to make that shade last with our guides on how to wash dyed hair and how to care for dyed hair.


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