How to Wash Dyed Hair

How to Wash Dyed Hair

One night stand, cheeky fling of full-on love affair. It’s all comes down to a case of commitment…

Want to know how to wash dyed hair?

So you picked your crazy colour, you’ve broken all the rules. Now the only burning question is how best to wash your newly dyed hair? With 34 shades and three technologies to choose from in the COLORISTA wardrobe, deciding how to cleanse and condition depends on how long you and your hair colour want to be together.

The one night stand

Pink, Silver, Turquoise, Hot Pink – whichever one of the 7 Colorista Spray shades you pick, you want to rock it to the max, even if it’s just for one day or night. So once you’ve had your quickie and are ready to move on, you’ll want to know how to remove hair dye to ensure every trace is gone. Colorista Spray is designed to wash out super-fast – but why not try a double cleanse, just to be sure you don’t miss a bit? Apply three 2 pence piece-sized blobs of shampoo and massage it into your scalp and lengths before rinsing – then repeat. Your hair will be clean and colour free – until you’re ready for your next one-nighter.

The fleeting fling

You love your current Washout shade – like way-out make-up for your hair, it comes in everything from Purple and Indigo to Burgundy, Red and Orange – and stays vibrant for up to two weeks. But what if suddenly, you want to switch it up – or simply need to be colour-free? Made for colour mavericks who have no time to waste, L’Oréal Paris created ColoristaFader Shampoo. Simply use it each time you wash, massage it in and leave it there for five minutes to press fast forward on colour fade. So you can enjoy your fling with Colorista Washout pastel or vivid shades, without fear of being tied down. Radical colour – you control the commitment.

Finally, you’ve found “the one”

Inspired by the kind of shades you see on Pinterest, on influencers or on our clan of Coloristas, you’ve really done the rounds. Lavender, Peach, Blue and Ronze, you’ve been shaking things up for years. Then you struck on one that changed everything: the hair colour that made your skin glow, your eyes pop and totally summed up your style. From our Colorista palette of metallics, which includes trending Grey, Rose Blonde and Copper – to smokey Violet, Cherry Red or Blue Black, permanent Colorista Paint promises to stay the distance. Colour molecules enter the hair shaft and instantly deliver a bold, bright shade you love.

So you want to make your shade shake off anything that could cause it to fade. Naturally it makes sense to wash as infrequently as you can before oiliness and grease take hold – but when you do use only a small amount of shampoo and focus it at the roots, so the lengths can really cling onto that colour. Finally, you need a product that’s clever in any number of ways. It should cleanse but gently, nourish and bolster your hair. Lucky then, that in a single step, L’Oréal Paris Elvive Colour Protect Low Shampoo gently cleanses and helps to protect coloured hair with its nourishing formula rich with Linseed Oil and low sulphate content. Just massage on, wait three minutes and go – your hair will look beautiful and vibrant. Finish by sealing the deal on your long-lasting shade by protecting your hair from the sun – just as you would your skin. Pick a styling product like a CC Cream that contains UV filters and your hair will be protected from UV rays, therefore helping to fight colour fade.


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