How to Avoid the Fade of Age

How to Avoid the Fade of Age

Grey or white hair can look great if it naturally happens to be a good shade, but many more of us are trying out the latest generation of gentle hair tints for hair that looks brighter, shinier and to restore the look of contrast to the face.

Blonde Legends
Going blonde is a great way to blend in the grey while still looking natural. As Helen Mirren has shown, you can restore the look of contrast and radiance to your face just with a subtle lift to hair colour, but don’t forget you still need careful make-up to make the most of the bright new hair colour. Have a look at the Excellence Blonde Legends, a range of blonde shades that make it easier to choose the right one for your skin tone.

Condition the Colour
Conditioning your hair can keep it looking shiny and help to prolong the radiance of your colour. Why not try Elvive Colour Protect, the UK’s number one haircare brand, for shiny, protected locks.

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