How To Bleach Your Hair

How To Bleach Your Hair

We’re standing up for bleach. Get it right, and you’ll be left with striking blonde locks soft enough to run your fingers through all day long. 

The truth is that bleaching your hair is always a bit of a chemistry experiment and will involve a mixture of patience, understanding and expert care. The latter is where we come in. We’ve spent years perfecting our bleach formulas to give you a beautiful shade.

Preparing your hair before bleaching
Before you go in for the bleach, prepare your hair as if you were running a long-distance race: treat it to a nourishing mask in place of your usual conditioner a couple of times in the weeks leading up to your bleach.

Invest in a purple shampoo for pre- and post-colouring as this is bleach’s BFF. Using this after bleaching will neutralise and help to get rid of any yellow or brassy tones.

Decide on your shade of blonde
When you’re dyeing your hair from brown to blonde, or simply blonder, each time you dye your hair we recommend sticking within two shades of your existing colour. If you want to go for a more dramatic transformation all in one go and embrace the bleach, however, you’ll need to accept its baggage. If you’re looking for an icy or platinum when your hair is dark, bleaching will be a gradual process. You may want to consider lightening your eyebrow colour too, or you can always rock the bold brow and blonde hair look.

With that in mind, cooler skin tones will suit warmer shades of blonde such as strawberry blonde, whereas warmer skin tones will suit a contrasting ash blonde.

Trust the bleaching process
Colouring your hair professionally can be an expensive business, but thankfully these home colour hair dye can give an unbelievable result. Our Colorista Effects Bleach creates the perfect bleach base for colouring your hair blonde, as the gentle formula lightens hair while the aftercare conditioning formula will nourish it.

Remember, always carry out a skin test 48 hours before dyeing your hair and follow the safety instructions on the pack.

Patience is a virtue when bleaching your hair
If you’re starting from a deep, brunette base and want to go really blonde, it could take multiple bleaches for you to achieve your desired colour. If you’re looking for a real transformation such as deep chestnut brown to platinum, then accept that this could take a few months to achieve. Wait a couple of weeks in between bleaches.

Neutralise brassy tones when you bleach your hair
Now don’t get us wrong, we love a gorgeous redhead. However, we all know that undesirable post bleach shade of orangey-yellow.

Toners and a purple shampoo will be your go-to if your bleach results in brassiness, and using them before bleaching your hair will reduce the likelihood of a yellow-toned result. This is especially important if your natural hair colour already has red or auburn strands running through it. If you’re unsure, hold your hair up to the light to check for red strands, and carry out a strand test with a small section of your hair to see how the bleach develops.

Investing in a clarifying shampoo will also work to keep blonde hair looking luminous without build-up. It sounds like common sense, but also brushing regularly will help to remove pollutants which can cause brassiness.

Transition to bleached hair with highlights
If you’re experimenting with bleaching your hair for the first time, it might feel a bit daunting to go for a full head of colour, especially if root regrowth is going to be a lot of effort to manage. However, highlights or ombré effects are a fab way to make the first transition towards an all over bleached, blonde shade. Professional-looking highlights can be easily achieved at home with our Colorista Balayage Kit.

Balayage is also a low-maintenance colour method with beautiful results, perfect for novice bleach babes – colour is lightly blended and applied only to the lower part of your hair, meaning there are no worries about root regrowth.

Always do an allergy test 48 hours before use. 

Always read and follow the instructions on pack and in the instruction leaflet.

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After 48 Hours, please check for any reaction or irritation. If you notice anything, please discontinue use of the product.

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