Crafting and enhancing eyebrow styles

Crafting and enhancing eyebrow styles

There’s no denying it – big, bold brows are in right now. Gone are the days over over-plucking – it’s all about growing those brows out and making them as defined as possible.

The good news? You can achieve bold brows from the comfort of your home with the new Brow Artist Micro Tattoo Eyebrow Definer. Available in six shades – from blonde to ebony – you’ll find the perfect colour for attention-grabbing eyebrows, giving the look of an eyebrow tattoo without the commitment. 

Before you invest in your eyebrow tinting product, make sure you’ve got a great brow style to enhance. Read this guide to get the perfect brow style before you apply your tint. 

Finding your perfect eyebrow shape
When it comes to eyebrows, there’s no one-size-fits-all. The right eyebrow style depends mostly on the shape of your face. So before you start plucking, make sure you know which style is best for you.

Oval or long face
If your face is long or oval-shaped, you’ll probably find that long, straight brows suit you best. This adds a horizontal dimension to your face, helping to balance out long features.

Round face
To flatter a round face, go for a soft arch shape. The slight angle will add definition to your face.

Square face
People with square faces, you’ll most likely be able to pull off a thicker, more arched look in your brows. This full, rounded eyebrow shape will balance an angular jawline and soften your face.

Heart-shaped face
If your face is heart-shaped, you’ll want to go for a fairly straight eyebrow shape with a soft, arch that tapers off. 

How to shape eyebrows

Step 1: Find and mark your eyebrow start points
The ‘starting point’ of your eyebrows is above the bridge of your nose. To find it, take tweezers (or a nail file – anything that will give you a straight line) and place them vertically along the outer edge of your nose. The point where the tweezers meet your brow is the starting point - any further away from the centre of your face and your brows will be too far apart, any closer and you’re running the risk of a dreaded monobrow look. 

Take an eyebrow pencil and draw a vertical line to mark the beginning of your brow. Do this on both sides (and check that they’re equally spaced either side of your nose). Now, simply pluck out the hairs in the middle of the two lines.

Step 2: Find and mark your eyebrow end points
Just as important as finding the starting points of your eyebrows is finding the endpoints. Take your tweezers again, and place the opening end at the base of your nose. Lay the tweezers across your cheek so that the other end crosses the outer corner of your eye.

Voila! The point where the tweezer meets your eyebrow is the optimum place for them to end. Again, take out your eye pencil, mark this point, and pluck out any stray hairs beyond this line. 

Step 3: Mark out your eyebrow shape
Whether you have thick eyebrows or thin, you want them to be even. That’s why this step is so important. Ideally, your eyebrows should be between a quarter and half an inch thick at their fullest point (so make sure you don’t over-pluck!)

Take your eyebrow pencil and, starting at the fullest part of your eyebrow, draw a line all the way along the bottom edge. You want to follow the natural curve of your brow as far as possible, so this should be above stray, more sparse hairs but below the dominant line of your brow. The line could be straight, curved or angled depending on your brow’s natural shape. Once marked, pluck out any hairs below the line you’ve drawn.

Step 4: Define your arch
The final flourish in your eyebrow shaping (and the most crucial part) is to shape the arch of your brow in the right way. 

Once again, take your eye pencil and mark the point where your eyebrow peaks. This might already be defined, or you might need to pluck more of your brow away. Remove the very bottom row of hairs from the innermost part of your brow leading up to the peak, then pluck to taper to your end point which you found earlier. 

How to tint eyebrows
Now that you’ve got the perfect brow shape, you’re ready to apply your eyebrow tint. Eyebrow tinting at home is especially popular with people with fair, thin eyebrows.

Eyebrow tinting works to create the appearance of fuller, thicker brows, because the dye catches all of the very fine hairs around the brow which are usually invisible. For a couple of days after applying the tint it will sit on your skin a little, which helps to create the illusion of thicker brows. 

If you’re going for a tint, it’s recommended that you use your natural hair colour as a guide and don’t go more than 1-2 shades darker. Typically, blondes suit more ash tones, whereas brunettes will suit warmer shades. 

Tinting typically lasts a couple of weeks, and many find it’s a great alternative to filling in your eyebrows with makeup every day. However, if you’re looking to get the effect of eyebrow tinting at home without any commitment - and maybe play around with some different shades - then our Brow Artist Micro Tattoo Eyebrow Define is a great option. 

Enhance your brows with a 24-hour tint
Now that your brows are perfectly shaped, Brow Artist Micro Tattoo Eyebrow Define is here to define and enhance them. 

Before applying, brush your eyebrows to ensure they’re laying flat. Make sure your eyebrows are clean and make-up free, and apply Brow Artist Micro Tattoo Eyebrow Define before you apply your foundation. 

Use the micro-trident tip to draw small, hair-like strokes diagonally along your brow from the inside working outwards. Go for a natural look, or build for fuller, bolder brows with definition. If you want to go bold, use the thick, flat section of the tip to fill your brows. 

Now, it’s time to take out your show-stopping new look. Our Brow Artist Micro Tattoo Eyebrow Define is formulated to last up to 24 hours without smudging or budging, meaning your brows will look fierce from office to evening.

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