How to Strobe

How to Strobe

Strobing is fast becoming one of the hottest makeup trends to hit the internet, with Insta Stars and fashionistas adopting it as an alternative to heavy contouring. The simple yet effective technique has received such high acclaim thanks to the dewy glow it gives, all whilst accentuating your best features. 

Strobing is different from contouring because dark, heavy shades aren’t needed. Instead, a bright, iridescent strobing pen or liquid is used to highlight your best features. Rather than sculpting and shading, this trend is about producing healthy-looking skin and showcasing your face’s natural contours.

So, what strobing makeup do you need to achieve the look? And how do you successfully apply strobing makeup to get the complexion the beauty bloggers rave about? This tutorial will tell you everything you need to know to strobe like a pro. 

What strobing make up do I need?

Rather than using an extensive contour palette with a range of colours and brushes, strobing make up consists of a highlighter stick or liquid. This is applied to the parts of the face where the light hits you, providing natural yet striking results. 

True Match Liquid Highlight, our first multi-use liquid highlighter, gives you that lit-from-within glow, enhancing your best features without being too heavy. You can use it to subtly highlight areas such as your nose, cheek bones, eyes and jaw, or across the apples of your cheeks for an intense, all-over glow. 

You can then use a foundation or powder to smooth and even out your complexion. If you’re dealing with an uneven skin tone, you may want to apply an even layer of your True Match Foundation before you begin strobing – this will ensure your skin is as smooth and radiant as possible. You might even fancy mixing your foundation with some highlighter to really make your skin appear as if it’s glowing from within.

Try our True Match foundation, which contains three shade enhancers for shade matching precision. The ultra creamy texture glides onto the skin and smooths away any imperfections, providing a luminous effect with extra depth and contrast. 

How to strobe makeup?

Take a small amount of the True Match Liquid Highlight and, either using a brush or your fingertips, apply it to areas that catch the light. Focus on your cheekbones and along your temples, down the bridge of your nose, in the corners of your eyes and below your brow bones. 

For those with particularly oily skin, skip your T-zone as these areas will already have natural shine. You can also opt for a matte powder foundation to prevent shine, as well as avoiding highlighter on areas with breakouts – you might draw unwanted attention to any pesky zits! Remember to always use a light touch when applying highlight liquid, only focusing on the high planes of your face.

The key to achieving a strobe effect that really pops is by seamlessly blending the highlighter and foundation together, whilst keeping a subtle difference in shade. After you’ve applied your highlighter to your key areas, using a light touch, blend it with a fan brush or your fingertips.

Make sure you blend any harsh edges to avoid any obvious makeup lines. It’s also important to avoid misplacing the highlight, which could cause an oily or uneven look - remember, the aim of strobing is to achieve a natural, glowing finish. 

Complete the look with a loose powder, which will seal your makeup and avoid any smudging. You may also want to apply a pink blush to further accentuate the apples of your cheeks. 

Applying the art of highlighting to your life

Now you’ve mastered the makeup technique all the beauty bloggers are raving about, it’s time to take your fabulous glow to town. Enjoy the simplicity of ultra-glowing, healthy-looking skin in minutes. You’ll look like you woke up like this. 

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