Party Hairstyles

Party Hairstyles

Party Hairstyles
You’ve found the perfect party dress, stocked up on your favourite makeup and even know how to contour like a pro. But when it comes to getting the right hairstyle for your party, you’re not sure which way to go. 

Whether you like to wear your hair up, down or somewhere loosely in-between, we have you covered. From bold colour for just one night to a 50s starlet look fit for any red carpet, here are some beautiful (yet easy) hairstyles that are sure to get some heads turning. 

Go Bold
The party atmosphere is perfect for a little experimentation. Try a fierce new you with vibrant colour that sprays in and washes right out. Our Colorista Spray 1-Day Spray comes in seven incredible colours, from hot pink to pastel blue.

The Colorista Spray 1-Day Spray works immediately as a temporary hair colour and can be used on any shade of hair without the need for bleaching, so you can wear ultra-vibrant colour with no commitment. At the end of your big night, simply wash the colour right out. 

Why not team your vibrant colour with an equally wacky hair style? Apply a small amount of Elnett Strong Hold Volume Crème de Mousse to damp hair. Blow dry your hair with your head upside down to create more volume. From here, wrap small sections of your hair around a curling wand and pin the pieces to your head using hairclips. 

Once the hair has cooled, remove the clips and shake your hair out from the root with your head upside down to expand the curls and add even more volume. Use Elnett Very Volume hairspray to finish your daring new look. 

Go Glam
Slick back your hair for an ultra-modern, uber-glam look – fit for the red carpet. 

Start by applying our Elnett Heat Protect Styling Spray to dry hair. Use a curling iron to loosely curl your hair, then brush the curls out into a wave. Pull your hair back into a half ponytail with all your hair around your hairline pulled tightly, getting rid of any parting.

Spray the hair above your ears and around your hairline with Elnett Very Volume hairspray to hold it in place. 

From here, secure the hair above your ears with a pin and remove the ponytail. Keep the pins in place until the hairspray has completely set, then remove them. Set the entire hairstyle with our flexible hold spray and hey presto! Glam, gorgeous and raring to go. 

Go retro
Turn heads as you walk into the party with this sexy, timeless hairstyle. Popular amongst the starlets of the 50s, this side-swept, loosely curled look is simpler to create than it seems.  

Begin by forming a deep side parting and then separate your hair into sections which are curled in one direction. Brush the curls out into a wave using a bristle brush. Use hair grips to pin your hair on one side and then tease the curls so the side swept forward over your shoulder looks beautifully neat and well-styled. Use Elnett Very Volume hairspray to hold the style in place. 

The undone updo
Create a gorgeous style with minimal effort with this charming undone updo. Use your curling iron to add a wave to dry hair – this doesn’t need to be perfect, the added curl is to help the hairstyle stay in place while adding a little extra texture.

If your hair is fine, use a little Elnett Very Volume hairspray on each section as you go before adding the waves. Once curled, use a wide tooth comb to gently brush through the curls. Section a triangle of hair at the front of your head and secure with a hair tie. Then create a side ponytail at the nape of your neck, making sure it is on the other side of your side parting (if you have one). Secure using a hair tie.

Release the front section and backcomb, using hair clips to secure the hair. Why not add a coloured ribbon for a little extra detail? 

Get the up knot
For those looking to create a striking, pristine updo, the Brigitte Bardot-inspired up knot is a great way to go. To start, tease the hair on the top of your head in the square section around your crown, leaving the front sections untouched. If your hair doesn’t tease well, try adding Elnett Very Volume hairspray before. Don’t be afraid to really tease your hair, the goal here is to add height and volume.

Spray some more hairspray and then pull the front section of your hair back over the backcombed middle section, combing out the top layer so it looks smooth. Then tie half of your hair up with a hair tie, leaving the bottom half down. Tug on the up half to give it more height and pull out any strands you want to frame your face.

From here, take all your hair in the back into a ponytail, making sure you don’t have any stray pieces hanging down. Then, simply twist the ponytail up and tuck the top part around and under so it forms a kind of upside-down J, positioning it with some hair clips. 

There you have it - seven simple yet sassy hairstyles, sure to rock any party.

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