Q&A Sunkiss jellies

Q&A Sunkiss jellies

Casting Sunkiss Jelly is a soft gradual lightening treatment for natural hair which gives a progressive visible lightening, application after application.

What results can I expect to see?

Casting Sunkiss Jelly gradually lightens hair after each application. The final result depends on your natural base and on the result you want to achieve.

Where do I need to apply?

Casting Sunkiss Jelly's uniqueness means you can better control the application. You can achieve the look you want, by applying the product in different ways: either all-over for a total lightening look, on individual strands, on the ends or all around the borders of your face if you want a more natural and blurred look. The sun you want, the way you want!

Can I apply on dark hair?

Casting Sunkiss Jelly is recommended for blondes to light browns. On darker hair, the results can be subtle, and the end result may be warmer so we recommend doing a strand test to see the results first before applying all over.

Can I apply on wet hair?

You can apply on wet hair; however, the water present in the fibre will dilute the lightening agents so results will be more subtle. We recommend you to use it on dry hair for more visible results!

How often do I have to apply?

Reapply every 2-3 days as necessary to achieve the desired sun-kissed effect.

Do I have to rinse?

No, the Sunkiss Jelly is a non-rinse product; you just have to dry your hair.

Why don't I see much of a difference?

You will see the lightening results appear little by little, each time you apply the product. The fun element to this product is you can create your own unique look and control the sunkiss result you want to achieve. The application should not be carried out more often than every 23 days.

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