Self-Tan Dos and don

Self-Tan Dos and don'ts BY L'ORÉAL PARIS

Scared that something could go wrong with your fake tan? Never fear – we’ll show you how to fix most common problems (or avoid them happening in the first place).

Do you worry about streaks, discoloured fingernails or dark knees? If your selftan doesn’t look quite right here’s how to get things back on track – and dodge any problems in the first place.

Remove your old tan first
When your tan has faded and it's time to apply a new one, always remove the old tan first so you don’t end up looking dirty. Soak yourself in a lukewarm tub or shower for five minutes or so, before using a grainy exfoliator like L'Oréal Sublime Bronze Exfotonic Body Gel.

Avoid yellow nails and palms
At the end of each application, give your toenails, fingernails and the palms of your hands a good wipe to avoid the telltale signs of a fake tan. You can also wipe and moisturize your wrists and heels after selftanning so nothing settles into the creases of your skin.

Use oil as an eraser
Oil lifts away the colour of selftan so you can use it as an eraser. If you can see a few tide marks, soak a ball of cotton wool in a rich oil, such as L'Oréal Sublime Bronze Nourishing Body Oil Tan Optimiser and rub the affected area gently until the streak blurs.

How to remove streaks
If you do happen to get streaks or give yourself a darker tan than expected, don't panic. Find your nearest steam room and sit in it for 10 minutes, or jump into a hot shower straight away.

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