How does the menopause affect your skin?

How does the menopause affect your skin?

Menopause is a time of massive hormonal changes. It’s the era of hot flushes, mood fluctuations and night sweats - a process every woman must go through as she ages. Unfortunately, menopausal changes don’t go unnoticed at surface level. After all, when our bodies are in a state of flux, our skin often shows it.

Understanding how your skin changes during the menopause is the first step to taking control during a time that can feel anything but stable. Don’t panic, we’re here to help. Read on for the most common ways the menopause affects your skin, and how you can adapt your skin care routine and maintain your skin's natural, healthy glow.

1. Dry skin

When it comes to menopause, you may need to make some changes to your skin care routine. Your skin will no longer react in the same way it did during your twenties, thirties and forties. During menopause, women’s estrogen levels drop. For your skin, this is big news. Estrogen is critical for skin hydration, as it’s responsible for oil production, collagen, skin thickness and water retention. With its powers reduced, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. 

The results are clear to see. Your oil glands shrink, with skin reducing its ability to create and retain moisture. Lack of hydration can rapidly lead to dry, itchy skin. 

Don’t panic. Recognising why this happens is the first step to combatting menopausal symptoms and maintaining nourished skin. Next, we need something to fight it with. Our Age Perfect Intensive Re-Nourish face serum is designed to re-hydrate and soothe your dry skin, restoring a barrier against pollutants. The manuka honey in our serum is a natural humectant renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties, which will help to heal any inflammation that may be triggered by menopause. 

Our face serum is a powerful formula that targets specific areas of dryness, aiding your skin's natural repairing system. Apply it at the beginning and end of the day for best results.

2. Lack of elasticity 

Another menopause skin problem is a lack of elasticity and loose skin. During menopause, fat is redistributed across your body, which often means specific areas such as your face, neck, arms and hands become less supple.

Give your skin a helping hand with our Age Perfect Intensive Re-Nourish night cream. It contains manuka honey, a raw ingredient famous for its healing and medicinal properties. Manuka honey encourages the growth and protection of collagens with the help of amino acids, the substance collagens are formed from. This is complemented by the antioxidant Calcium B5, which fortifies and moisturises your skin. The result is a rejuvenated depth to your skin, restoring firmness and reducing sagging. 

3. Signs of the sun

Sun-related spots and dark patches become more apparent during menopause, although the severity of this will depend on how much sunscreen you used during your twenties, thirties and forties. 

The reason for the seemingly sudden appearance of dark spots is rooted in falling estrogen levels. Estrogen steadies the production of melanin and acts as a regulator. Once this is taken away, areas of skin exposed to UV rays are subject to melanin synthesis, a process previously regulated by estrogen. This leads to the dark brown spots that often appear on the arms, neck, chest and hands. 

The production of melanin is also lessened during menopause. Melanocytes, usually maintained by estrogens, degenerate during menopause as estrogen levels trail off. This leaves your skin lighter and with less UV protection provided by melanin. Menopausal skin is, therefore, at greater risk of sun damage. It’s important to use sunscreen every day, regardless of clouds or how warm it feels. 

4. Increased appearance of wrinkles

As we’ve already learnt, menopausal skin changes are largely due to reduced estrogen production and the redistribution of fat. This often lead to an increase in the appearance of wrinkles. A natural part of ageing, wrinkles become more apparent when you begin your menopause. 

Our Age Perfect Intensive Re-Nourish salve will help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of ageing. Designed to combat specific wrinkled areas, it uses manuka honey to soothe, repair and reduce wrinkles and the dryness that causes them. 

Our salve tackles both the short and long-term problem. Once applied, your skin will feel firmer and more radiant. Longer term, the manuka honey, which contains amino acids, will encourage the re-growth of collagens, as well as protecting existing ones. The effect means reduced wrinkles and a youthful glow.

Menopause affects your skin in a number of ways. Adapt your skin care routine accordingly to help tackle the visible signs of menopause.

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