How to use Elnett Satin Crème De Mousse

How to use Elnett Satin Crème De Mousse

The stylist’s guide to joining the foam party...

This year, L’Oréal Paris Laboratories are giving mousses a modern makeover. With more than five decades of experience, the legend of Elnett continues with the launch of the 1st mousse from Elnett, Crème de Mousse

Learn how to maximize your new mousse with top tips from Syd Hayes, L’Oréal Paris UK Ambassador and International Stylist.

Elnett Crème de Mousse Volume Step by Step:

1. When applying this amazing modern mousse, the key is to target the roots. After washing your hair, rough dry it until it’s about sixty percent dry.

2. Using the unique upright diffuser, disperse some of the aerated Elnett Crème de Mousse into the palm of your hand.

3. Use the fingertips of your other hand to work the mousse into the roots of your hair only. This will help bulk up the hair, giving you maximum volume and root lift that still retains a delicate softness.

Elnett Crème de Mousse Curl Step by Step:

1. Elnett Crème de Mousse Curl creates effortlessly classic curls. After washing your hair, towel dry to reduce the amount of water.

2. Turn your head upside down and use one hand to scrunch the mousse all over in generous amounts.

3. Use the diffuser attachment on your hairdryer to finish your flowing curls – or simply use your fingers to twist and twirl each one and leave your hair to dry naturally.

Elnett Crème de Mousse Extra Hold Step by Step:

1. Again, begin by towel drying freshly washed hair to reduce the amount of moisture.

2. Diffuse a generous amount of the mousse into one hand. Use a vent brush to comb the product from the roots to the tips of the hair to ensure even distribution and avoid build-up in any one area.

3. Blow-dry and style as required for soft definition and long lasting hold.

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