The Benefits Of Charcoal For Men

The Benefits Of Charcoal For Men's Skin

Want to take your skin care routine to the next level? From drawing out impurities to mattifying your complexion, charcoal’s skin benefits are too good to miss.

The product we’re using on our skin isn’t the same as the black carbon you might use to light your barbecue. It’s carefully formulated, purifying charcoal that can boost your skin care routine.

When natural substances (like wood, coconut shells, olive stones and so on) are burnt and compressed together, a sponge-like mineral is formed with lots of tiny pores. And it’s these that make charcoal such a wonder ingredient, as they’re great at absorbing.


What makes charcoal good for your skin?

There are many health benefits of charcoal – from purifying air and water to detoxing and even whitening teeth. You may have never considered reaching for charcoal to help improve your complexion, but this organic element has skin superpowers that make it worthy of a space in your bathroom cabinet…

It draws out impurities for the ultimate cleanse

The things that build up on the surface of your skin day-to-day – like bacteria, chemicals, dirt and other toxins – clog pores, causing spots and blemishes to develop. Charcoal products can help to draw these away from the skin, revealing a fresher complexion and helping to prevent spots. If you live in a big city or area with high pollution, your skin might be crying out for a detox more than you realise.

It mattifies skin

Do you have an oily complexion? Charcoal might be your ultimate match. Its absorbent properties help it to attract excess oil away from the skin, leaving you with the matte look you’re after. It’s also a saviour if you struggle with acne, as it can clear oil from your pores which causes spots.


Charcoal skin care products

Fancy giving it a go? There are plenty of charcoal-based products for men to kick-start your new skin routine and work towards a fresher complexion.


Charcoal skin care routine

Ready to work charcoal into your skin care routine? We’ve made it easy with this simple step-by-step guide…


Use the Pure Charcoal Purifying Daily Face Wash each morning and evening to remove dirt and impurities. Wet skin with warm water first, then gently massage the product into your face, focusing on the forehead, nose and chin. Work into a foam then rinse thoroughly to reveal clean, soothed skin. 


If you’re finding blackheads a burden or have dry, flaky skin, this is an essential daily step. Wet your face and neck with warm water, gently massage the anti-blackhead charcoal face scrub onto your skin then rinse thoroughly. It’s easiest to do this in the shower.


After exfoliating, your skin is well-cleansed and perfectly prepped for the charcoal tissue mask. Apply it to your face and leave for five to 15 minutes to really reap the charcoal face mask benefits, then peel off to reveal moisturised yet mattified skin. This treatment is more intensive than the other products, so you’ll only need to use it up to three times a week.


To maintain your fresh complexion, apply a moisturiser once or twice a day. Just be sure to choose the right product for your skin type – whether that’s a moisturiser for sensitive skin or one that helps fight wrinkles.

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