Three Tips for Your perfect hair colour

Three Tips for Your perfect hair colour

Colouring your hair can really give you a lift, here are some tips to help you choose the ideal colour.

1. For an ideal result, keep 2 tones lighter or 2 tones darker than your natural colour.
If you have had coloured hair for some time, you might have forgotten how it looks naturally! Your eyebrows will provide a clue because they are very close to the colour of your hair compare them to the shade on the box

Tip: most women think their hair is darker than it really is. If you think you have chestnutcoloured hair, choose a dark blonde shade to avoid colouring your hair too dark.

2. Pamper your hair.
Beautiful colour looks best on beautiful, smooth, healthy hair that reflects light well.

Tip: Use a hair care programme adapted to your hair type (dry, fine, normal etc.) and try to apply a conditioning masque once a week.

3. Follow instructions carefully
Use the tools provided in the box (gloves, applicators, brush, cream) and follow the instructions step by step. Every colouring technique is different!

Important Safety Information

Hair Colourants can cause an allergic reaction, which in certain rare cases may be severe. A Skin Allergy Test must be done 48 hours before each time you wish to use this product. Buy the product in advance to allow for the 48 hours Skin Allergy Test.

 Do Not Use if:

- you have already had a reaction to a hair colourant.
- you have an itchy or damaged scalp.
- you have ever had a black henna tattoo, even a long time ago, you are very likely to have become allergic without realising it. Take no risk. Never use these hair colour products.
- you have not done the skin allergy test 48 hours before use.

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