Your Go-To Guide for  Maintaining a Brilliant Beard

Your Go-To Guide for Maintaining a Brilliant Beard

If you can pull off a beard, we urge you to embrace it. Much like an iconic leather jacket or a well-fitted suit, a strong beard is a timeless, classic addition to to your face. However, not all beards are the same – there are certain beard styles that work (and some that really don’t!)

Thanks to the abundance of new shaving and grooming tools available, the unkempt ‘lumberjack look’ is a thing of the past. Neater, more clean-cut styles have soared in popularity - think David Beckham, Drake or Tom Hardy. While each of these looks vary in shape and size, what they have in common is their well-groomed appearance. 

The great thing is, you don’t need to visit an expensive, fancy barber in order to replicate these looks - it’s all achievable at home. So if you’re looking to grow a beard for the first time, or simply fancy trying out a new beard shape or style, read on to discover our ultimate guide on the ideal beard styles for men.

If you’re growing out your facial hair, cutting it may seem counterproductive. Beards are much like the hair on your head – regular trims stimulate growth and make for healthy, great-looking hair.

A basic trim can be achieved with a good quality set of grooming scissors and a beard comb. Use the comb to brush the hairs upwards, and snip away at any split ends. A scissor trim is good for long beard styles as it will keep your beard and ‘tache looking sharp – without taking away from the bulk. 

If you prefer a closer trim, opt for electric clippers instead. Electric trimming should be carried out both with and against the grain. Use a long guard, and begin by trimming in the direction the hair grows to remove the bulk. Then, move in the opposite direction to achieve a closer shave. Finish off with a spot of Short Beard and Skin Moisturiser to soothe any itchiness and leave a long-lasting soft feel. 

No matter the length of your beard, definition is key to achieving a dapper, clean-cut look.

Neaten up your freshly-trimmed beard by creating steady, even lines around the edges. This is especially important for short beard styles, but for those with longer beards, an electric trimmer can work wonders for definition – especially when used along the sideburns to help emphasise the structure of the face.

Nice, defined edges can be created using an electric trimmer without a guard, or with a handheld razor and a steady hand. For a straight line around the moustache and cheekbones, start in the centre and work across each side individually. To achieve an even neckline, trim just under the chin where the hair finishes. Or, for longer-reaching hair, aim for a point halfway between the bottom of the chin and the Adam’s apple.

Styling and Grooming
To maintain beard brilliance, you’ll need more than clippers and a comb - we’re talking the full works: shampoo, styling balms, brush and essential oils.

For a beautifully soft, manageable beard, wash regularly with Barber Club 3-In-1 Beard, Hair & Face Wash. Not only will this make your facial hair easier to style, it will purify and stimulate the hair follicles and skin beneath. 

Use a brush comb straight after a fresh wash to neaten up and remove any tangles. Comb from the top down to the bottom, following the direction the hair grows, and then from the sides towards the centre for a shapely, neat appearance. Start with the wide-spaced teeth of the comb, and switch to the smaller ones for any tangles.

For those working longer beard styles, add a bit of extra definition and shape after washing using a Beard Styling Cream. Massage a small amount of the cream into your beard, smoothing it in a downward motion with your hands. Comb through to shape to your heart’s content, safe in the knowledge of all-day beard control.

Regular moisturising is very important when it comes to beard care. As the skin beneath is prone to dryness, applying a hydrating oil will help reduce any chances of the dreaded ‘beardruff’. Discover Barber Club Long Beard Oil: rich in natural oils, it has nourishing qualities which moisturise the skin and soothe any itchiness. What’s more, it helps tame stray hairs and keep the beard feeling conditioned without any greasiness.

If you’re left wanting more expert beard know-how, check out our full Barber Club grooming range, inspired by barber expertise for the expert clean, care and shave of your beard.

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