Which Colour Highlights should I choose ?

Which Colour Highlights should I choose ?

Ash blonde or golden? A shiny iridescent brown or a caramel chestnut? The difference may seem subtle but it can make all the difference.

To find a shade that suits you and flatters your complexion and eyes, follow this guide.

If you have a rosy complexion
Avoid mahogany or red highlights. Too much flat pink, too doll-like! Instead aim for natural looking tones which give you a healthy look or subtle iridescent colours.

If you have a yellow complexion
All warm tones are for you: golds, ashes… like a ray of sunshine for your hair.

If you have a matte complexion
Avoid too red highlights, they will make your skin look greenish. Tone it down with cool iridescent highlights, with a chestnut for example.

If you have a fair complexion
On porcelain-looking skin, all warm highlights have an effect. Golden and ash highlights make your skin and eyes look warmer, red and mahogany tones offer an attractive contrast. Beware of cooler colours (ash and iridescent tones) which can "extinguish" the warmth of your skin.

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