Why are fibers the new falsies? Find out below

Why are fibers the new falsies? Find out below

Want to try a fiber mascara but not sure what all the fuss is about? We've got the low-down here.

Fiber mascaras contain tiny fibers (like mini eyelashes) that can be brushed onto the lashes to create length and volume.

Most fiber mascaras are two-step, with a base coat for priming the lash followed by a coat of fibers. The base coat helps to length and darken the lashes, while also giving the fibers something to stick to. You can layer fibers onto the lashes to create multiple looks - more fibers, more volume!

We think the best way to apply your fiber mascara is to layer a generous coat of priming base, followed by a thick coat of fibers.

Tip: For extreme volume press an additonal coat of fibers into the lashes rather than combing them through so they really stick.

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