How to do A French Twist step by step

How to do A French Twist

step by step

The Next Big Hair Trend: excess volume.
Watch the excessive volume looks come to life, with Stephane Lancien's, L'Oréal Paris' International Hair Stylist, step by step tutorials

Volume Excess Hairspray

Elnett Satin

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Spray Elnett Volume Excess to give texture and volume, then brush several times. Create a parting on one side. The lower, the more elegant.

Then start backcombing, gradually, section by section. Thanks to the hair texture obtained with Elnett Volume Excess, the desired bouffant look is easy to create.

Gather the hair together and twist it towards the back of the head, rolling the strands of hair on themselves, whilst retaining volume on top.

Leave a strip of hair to cover the forehead and fall into the eyes. Finish by fixing with several pins. As a whole, it should give an impression of spontaneity. Do not remove the little rebellious strands, they add a lively and natural element.

To enhance the hair volume, slightly lift the top section with the fingers, on the top of the head, and fix with Elnett Volume Excess.



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