How to get the 60

How to get the 60's Volume Bouffant

step by step

The Next Big Hair Trend: excess volume. Watch the excessive volume looks come to life, with Stephane Lancien's, L'Oréal Paris' International Hair Stylist, step by step tutorials

Make a centre parting on top of the hair.

Volume Excess Hairspray

Elnett Satin

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Generously spray the hair with Elnett Volume Excess and brush vigorously. The secret is to repeat spray and brush several times: The hair will be dramatically texturized and volumized, as if back-combed.

Bring together the hair from the front and top of the head and backcomb to create height and volume.

Brush the hair and fix it at the back of the head with three pins, as naturally as possible. To accentuate the style, let the front strands fall lightly down over the forehead from each side of the parting.

Spray Elnett Volume Excess all over the hair, letting a few strands around the face. Playing it a bit negligé is the secret to accentuate the sensual and somehow wild characteristics of the hairstyle.



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