How to get the Rockabilly Ponytail step by step

How to get the Rockabilly Ponytail

step by step

The Next Big Hair Trend: excess volume. Watch the excessive volume looks come to life, with Stephane Lancien's, L'Oréal Paris' International Hair Stylist, step by step tutorials

Give volume and structure to the hair by backcombing it.

Volume Excess Hairspray

Elnett Satin

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Spray generously Elnett Volume Excess, gather the hair from the front, pulling it up to form a shell shape above the forehead. Secure them on top with several pins.

Create a high ponytail with the rest of the hair and fasten it with a simple elastic.

Hide the elastic by twisting a small lock of hair and generously texture the hair with Elnett Volume Excess by spraying the ponytail liberally. Do not hesitate to repeat the action to create this vintage look.

To fix the hairstyle and to tame unruly hairs, use Elnett Volume Excess on the shell and the sides, smoothing it upwards with your hand. To perfect the look: keep or pull out several small fluttering strands.



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