How to #GoBronde step by step

How to #GoBronde

step by step

Get this season's hottest Bronde look with a little help from glamorous fashion blogger, Rosie Londoner. Follow Rosie #GoBronde tutorial on how to combine the best of blonde and brunette with our Prefence Glam Bronde hair colour kit

Glam Bronde No.5


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Make sure you read the instructions carefully and it’s essential that you carry out an allergy alert test

Wear gloves and use a towel as you don’t want to ruin your clothes!

Don’t forget to shake the bottle well once you’ve mixed your Colourant Crème and Development Crème. It’s really important that you saturate all three sections of the brush to really get those golden highlights shining

When applying the product with the brush, put emphasis on your lengths and tips to get your ends looking lighter.

Rinse thoroughly with conditioning shampoo then go and show off your gorgeous Bronde locks!



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