How to Infallible Gloss step by step

How to Infallible Gloss

step by step

Discover how you can achieve the ultimate glossy lip look with our lip gloss tutorial. Learn how to apply L'Oréal Paris Infallible Gloss in just two steps for the most glamorous outcome.

101 Girl On Top (Cream)

Infallible Mega Gloss High Shine Lip Gloss

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Apply the gloss firstly onto the lower lip, from the centre to the corners. Repeat the movement on the upper lip. This application ensures a perfectly shaded effect: denser and shinier in the middle of the lips.

For an even glossier effect, feel free to add more product, this time only to the heart of the lips (top and bottom), with a slight emphasis on the top part. That will immediately create an extra-glossy effect.


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