3 ways to use rose gold hair colour

3 ways to use rose gold hair colour

The rose gold hair trend is more popular than ever before thanks to its pretty-yet-punky look.

We’ve seen stars like Lady Gaga, Kylie Jenner and Sienna Miller rocking rose gold on the red carpet. The best part? No two styles look the same – there are so many ways to wear the pastel pink shade.

From scattered highlights and bold block colour to two-tone ombre, you can create your own unique look. And with easy-to-apply, long-lasting Colorista Hair Dye Gel, you can get A-lister rose gold locks in no time. Here’s how…  

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What you’ll need

-Colorista Rose Gold Permanent Gel Hair Dye 
– includes developer cream and a post-colour mask
-Plastic gloves
-A small towel to protect your neck and shoulders
-A hair dye application brush
-A mixing bowl
-Hair foils (if highlighting)
-Large hair clips to separate sections

Rose gold highlights

This look takes time, but results in evenly-spread hints of rose gold which look lovely on long locks. If you’re a master in highlighting with one colour, why not take this look to the next level and incorporate another tone – copper and vintage peach shades work well. Make sure you are colour safe and that you do your allergy alert test 48h before colouring hair! You can do this by applying a small amount of the rose gold hair dye and peroxide behind your ear.


How to get rose gold highlights at home

Step 1: Start by mixing the rose gold colouring gel with the developing cream, according to the Colorista instructions. Leave within easy access, as you’ll often have your hands full as you reach for more product!

Step 2:
Part your hair into two sections – they should look like bunches. Then, divide in half again horizontally to create four evenly-sized sections.

Step 3:
Start to select smaller strands within each of these sections – for a natural look, these should be about half the width of your finger. For each strand, tuck a pre-cut foil underneath at the root. Scoop a small amount of the dye mix onto your application brush and coat the hair from root to tip. Fold the foil a few times towards to root, making sure that section of hair stays in the foil.

Step 4:
With each section of hair resting in foils, relax and wait for the dye to work its magic. Follow the package instructions for a guide on timing, but keep checking under the foils for progress.

Step 5:
The big reveal! Carefully remove each foil over the bath or basin, then wash the dye out. Rinse your hair thoroughly until the water runs clear. Then, apply the conditioning post-colour mask for a glossy shine. Blow-dry and style to finish.

Note: if you’re adding light rose gold highlights to brunette hair, you might need to bleach your hair first.

Rose gold balayage

Balayage has redefined how we highlight hair. It uses a subtle technique with a sweeping method – no foils needed! This style is often used to add blonde tones through a darker shade, but we’re starting to see more fun colours ultilised, and rose gold looks great on blondes and brunettes alike.

How to do rose gold balayage at home

After mixing your hair colour…

Step 1:Divide your hair into four evenly-sized sections from the back.

Step 2: Selecting smaller strands, paint the dye onto your hair from the middle of the strand to the bottom (avoiding the roots entirely), using your applicator brush. The amount you apply depends on how thick you want the highlights to be – it’s your chance to be creative. Just be sure to paint it on with a blended effect – you don’t want to end up with a block line where the colour stops.

Step 3: Wait for the recommended time. A subtle rose gold balayage would take around 25-30 minutes, while a more intense look can need up to 45.

Step 4: Wash it out and use the post-colour mask, leaving your locks rose gold and glossy!


Rose gold ombré

Want to achieve great colour without the hassle? We hear you. The ombré look is a favourite for low maintenance hair colour. Because you only dye the tips, there’s no touch-up needed when the roots grow out, so it’s a cost-effective and easy style to create yourself at home.

How to get rose gold ombré at home

After mixing your hair colour…

Step 1: Divide your hair into four evenly-sized sections from the back. 

Step 2: Decide which part of the hair you want the rose gold ombré to begin. This could be half way down your head or just on the tips. Then, lightly backcomb this area. This will give the dye a gradual blend.

Step 3: Apply the Colorista Rose Gold to the ombre section, covering all strands evenly. If you’re after subtle colour, gently sweep the brush down vertically. For intense block colour, go horizontal.  

Step 4:
Wait for the time recommended in the instructions, but check on the colour regularly.

Step 5: Happy with the intensity of the colour? It’s time to wash it out and pamper your locks with the conditioning post-colour mask.

If you need to lighten your hair from brunette to create this rose gold ombré, use our Colorista Effects Ombre kit before you apply the colour.

Rather dye your hair a bold block colour? Follow our guides on how to dye your hair silver or bright red or get inspiration for bold looks here.


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