Winter Tips with Extraordinary Oil step by step

Winter Tips with Extraordinary Oil

step by step

The winter months, typically cold and windy, can certainly feel harsh on your skin. Here are some tips to optimise your skin care ritual during Winter with Extraordinary Oil.

Facial Oil

L'Oréal Extraordinary Oil Facial Kit

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Brighten winter skin: In the morning a couple of drops of oil will brighten the look of a dull winter complexion. Mix in with your foundation to enhance the look.

Oil Cream

Extraordinary Oil Cream

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Protect your skin: Use Extraordinary Oil before your day cream. It will help lock in moisture, boosting your regime's effectiveness. Intensely hydrated, your skin will be comfortable all day long.

Harsh weather, soft skin: At night pamper yourself by gently massaging in, focusing on dry areas. Your skin will be intensely nourished with moisture and feel cashmere soft.


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