How to Get Glowing Skin over 60

A little self-care goes a long way towards a healthy, glowing complexion. With more than 110 years of experience and over 4,000 researchers currently working in 21 research centers around the world, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to get a glowing complexion and the powerful brightening ingredients you should look for.

On top of that, in this article we’ll share some glowing skin lifestyle tips – from an antioxidant-rich diet to daily SPF, there are plenty of natural pick-me-ups. With some simple habits and the right skincare ingredients and routines, you can get glowing skin at any age.

But, of course, the most important step towards glowing from the inside out is feeling great in your skin, and L’Oréal Paris firmly believes that everyone should look and feel great! After all, nothing brightens the complexion like confidence.

Why does the glow of youth dull over time?

As we age, we shed dead skin cells at a slower rate, masking the healthy new cells underneath. Dehydration causes rough, uneven textures and more noticeable fine lines. Apart from ageing, common culprits include over-cleansing, dry, wintry weather, UV exposure and pollution.

How can we get glowing skin over 60?

The best way to restore radiance is with a targeted skincare routine. Exfoliation removes dulling buildup, while daily SPF protects from sun damage. Moisturising is, of course, a must: brightening creams and hydrating masks all go a long way to maintain that youthful rosy glow.

Brightening skincare ingredients

Here are a few skincare ingredients for glowing skin:

·   Neohesperidin – A powerful antioxidant that supports cell regeneration

·   Peony native cells – Rehydrates while restoring natural rosy glow

·   Calcium B5 complex – Fortifies and restores skin density and tone

·   Niacinamide – Reduces signs of ageing and effectively reduces dark spots

·   Vitamin C – Brightens skin while combating sun damage

How to get glowing skin, step by step

Choosing and using the right products makes all the difference. Here’s what a daily skin care routine for glowing skin looks like:

Step 1: Daytime serum for glowing skin

Start the day by applying a skin-brightening serum like the L'Oréal ParisGolden Age Rosy Oil Serum to your face and neck. Validated by dermatologists, this serum instantly delivers radiance and helps strengthen the skin barrier thanks to its highly concentrated in actives. All with a non-greasy, silky formula that adds luxury to your skincare routine.

Step 2: Apply brightening eye cream in the morning

L'Oréal ParisAge Perfect Golden Age Eye Cream includes light-reflecting particles to cancel out dark circles for a brighter finish. TryL'Oréal Paris Age Perfect Cell Renew Illuminating Eye Cream to stimulate natural cell renewal and perk up tired, puffy eyes with caffeine.

Step 3: Seal in moisture and brightness for the day with a face cream

Now it’s time to hydrate with a skin brightening cream. Lock in moisture with our L'Oréal Paris Age Perfect Golden Age Day Cream SPF 20 formula, enriched with neo-calcium to naturally plump up and restore your skin’s delicate barrier.

Our L'Oreal Paris Age Perfect Collagen Expert Day Cream SPF 30 delivers intense hydration and firming while targeting age spots. And if you’re using a separate SPF product and don’t want to double up, try thisL'Oréal Paris Golden Age Day Cream instead.

Step 4: Cleanse the skin to reveal natural glow in the evening

Don’t let residual makeup dim your shine. We have a wide selection of skin brightening products and gentle micellar waters to choose from. L'Oréal Paris Age Perfect Classic Smoothing and Anti Fatigue Vitamin C Cleansing Milk is formulated for mature skin. You can also enjoy the brightening benefits of Vitamin C in our L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Vitamin C Cleanser, a great choice for cleansing and purifying.

Exfoliate and restore shine with L'Oréal Paris Glycolic Bright Daily Cleansing Foam or gently nourish skin with floral essences using L'Oréal Paris Fine Flowers Cleansing Milk

For a bonus brightening step, follow up with a refreshing toner to energise the skin after cleansing. L'Oréal Paris Age Perfect Vitamin C Refreshing Toner invigorates and tones skin, leaving it smooth and bright.

Step 5: Boost glow overnight with a brightening serum

After cleansing, reapply your serum of choice to work its magic overnight. Our L'Oréal Paris Cell Renew Midnight Serum stimulates new cell growth while you sleep, so you’ll wake up to a naturally restored glow and hydrated, luminous complexion. Or opt for the L'Oréal ParisGolden Age Rosy Oil Serum for the radiance-boosting benefits of peony cells.

Step 6: Nourish the delicate skin around your eyes

Reapply a nourishing eye cream from our eye care range. You’ll double up on the curative effects of sleeping by protecting and hydrating the delicate skin around your eyes.

Step 7: Look for restorative ingredients in your night cream

To wake up feeling radiant, find a night cream that maximises the powerful ingredients in your night skincare routine. Try one of our skin brightening creams that work while you sleep, likeL'Oréal Paris Laser Renew Anti-Ageing Night Cream, L'Oréal Paris Retinol + Niacinamide Pressed Night Cream and L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser Night Cream.

Our range of night creams come jam-packed with highly effective ingredients including brightening vitamin C, wrinkle-smoothing pro-retinols, and plumping hyaluronic acid.

Lifestyle tips for glowing skin

To make the most of your everyday products, you can also consider these glowing skin tips.

Eat your antioxidants

A 2021 studyfound that antioxidant compounds reverse damage caused by UV rays and stress over time. Try adding antioxidant-rich foods to your diet like extra virgin olive oil, green tea, nuts and berries. You’ll glow from within!

Stay hydrated

Skin is the body’s largest organ, storing lipids and water. When dehydrated, it shows sagging, dullness and prominent fine lines. Drinking enough water is key to getting a healthy, bright natural glow.

Get plenty of sleep and rest

Your skin experiences increased blood flow and collagen production while you sleep. A good night of rest also has a knock-on effect to the rest of your day, reducing skin-damaging stress levels.

Glowing skin is just a few steps away

With a little care and attention – and the right skincare ingredients in your arsenal – you can get glowing skin at any age. Explore theAge Perfect Golden Age skincare collection from L'Oréal Paris to create a custom routine that works for you.

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