Tips for Dyeing Hair Red

Do you know any redheads who don’t have a fiery side to their personalities? If you fall in love with flame-coloured hair, you may need to prepare for heartbreak… red hair dye has a reputation of not sticking around for long, which is great for those of us looking for a short fling with a different colour. If you’re looking for a longer term commitment to your dyed red hair, however, we’re here to keep your fiery locks flowing for as long as possible.

Which shade of red hair dye should I choose?
From bubbly strawberry blondes right through to sultry maroons, red hair is undeniably the most vibrant and varied on the hair colour spectrum. When choosing the right shade of red, we’ve broken down how you can achieve a gorgeous shade for the best results from your current colour. 

Dyeing brown hair red 
If you’re a brunette and a rich, deep burgundy is what you’re after, this can easily be achieved with one of our salon perfected dyes. Our brush-on, permanent Colorista Paint in Ronze is perfect for brunettes: designed with pure pigments, it provides a beautiful, metallic burgundy colour which blends with your hair’s natural tones.  

If you’re after a shade that’s more than two shades lighter than your existing colour, such as a vibrant copper or warm blonde, you’ll need to bleach your hair before dyeing it red. It’s not as difficult as it sounds though: the road to red is quicker than the journey to blonde because any warmer, yellow shades that you’ll want to eliminate from blonde hair can be embraced and swerved right into red. 

Still feeling a bit apprehensive? Try out a temporary red hair dye first. Our Colorista Washout in red allows you to experiment with a new shade for 1-2 weeks before hair fades back to its natural colour. 

Dyeing blonde hair red 

If you’re a natural or enhanced blonde and want to embrace your inner red-headed siren, here’s what you need to know. Generally, lighter skin tones will come to life with an injection of warmth from strawberry blondes and copper shades. We’d recommend our Casting Crème Gloss 6.45 Amber Semi-Permanent Hair Dye for a vibrant, head-turning hue. 

If you’ve already bleached your hair, then a deep cherry red might be slightly out of reach this time round. You might look more like a stick of candyfloss than you’d like as the extra blonde tones will cling onto the pink in the dye – if so, your journey to a deeper brunette is going to be a gradual one. Always follow the advice on the box for the colour closest to your current shade, and try to keep the hue you’re after within two shades of this.

Choose your red to match your skintone
Treat your choice of red hair colour as you would pair a lipstick with your outfit, and ensure it’s going to complement your skin tone. Here’s a quick guide to help you choose your perfect shade:

Red hair for fair skintones 
Pale-skinned ladies are best suited to subtle strawberry blondes and vibrant, bright coppers.

Recommended product: Colorista Permanent Gel Bright Red

Red Hair for fair to medium skintones
If you’re somewhere between a porcelain and a cool beige, then you can go for any gorgeous golden copper shade. The warmer tones will be a godsend to neutralise any yellow tones in your skin. 

Recommended product: Excéllence Créme Auburn Red

Red hair for medium skintones 
If you’re medium or olive-skinned, then you can venture into deeper shades including rich, auburn tones. 

Recommended product: Préférence Infinia in Auburn

Red hair for darker skintones 

If you have darker skin, the cherry reds of the colour spectrum will look fabulous on you. Check the instructions on the packet to know whether you need to lighten your hair before dyeing it red.

Recommended product: Préférence Infinia Intense Red

Tips to keep your red hair vibrant
A good hair care routine is vital for the lasting vibrancy of your fiery locks. We advise leaving it as long as possible between washes if you want to hold onto your colour - we all love getting in a lather, but when you shampoo the warm water swells the hair cuticle while the massaging motion encourages the loss of dye molecules. Dry shampoo will be your BFF and as a result, you’ll be able to hold onto your new shade much longer.

It’s also important to note that heat styling tools are Most Wanted for committing crimes against hair colour, so always invest in a heat protectant spray such as the Elnett Heat Protect Spray Smooth Blow Dry and keep your straighteners to a low setting. 

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