Decoding Shade Numbers

Decoding Shade Numbers

The second number/s determine the tone and reflects in the colour. 

0 – Natural
1 – Ash
2 – Iridescent
3 – Gold
4 – Copper
5 – Mahogany
6 – Red
7 – Mat or Green tones
8 – Mocha

How to choose your reflects:

The cold reflects are number 1 and 2, number 1 is Ash normally with a hint of grey and number 2 is iridescent with a little rose.

Number 3 is a gold reflect, number 4 is coppery which is a bit orangey, number 5 is mahogany which is red, and number 6 is a deep red.

If your hair always turns brassy or you want to give it a lift always use a shade with a cold reflect (number 1 or 2).
Number 3 – warm up your skin tone and look very natural Number 1 and 3 or 3 and 1 give a beige tone and will stop your hair from going brassy

If you want an iced chocolate reflect choose a 1 and 5 which won’t turn brassy

Don’t worry whether a number is 600 or 6.00 they both have the same base tones and reflects. 

Some examples:

Shade 550 = Light brown with mahogany and natural reflects
Shade 801 = Light blonde with natural and ash reflects
Shade 10.13 = Lightest blonde with ash and gold reflects
Shade 6.35 = Light brown with iridescent and ash reflects
Shade 3.66 = Dark brown with double red reflects (bright red)

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