Colorista Unicorn Hair Kit

Get the unicorn look with this combination of Colorista Washout pastel shades.

L'Oreal Paris Colorista Washout is a semi-permanent hair dye cushioned in a hair mask base. It fades gradually over 1-2 weeks so you can switch and change your hair colour whenever you want.


Based on chroma-cream technology in a conditioning hair-mask base, it softly colours your hair while caring at the same time. It washes out gradually, shampoo after shampoo.

Shampoo & dry hair well so the caring colour can better soak into hair. Brush to untangle your hair. Wear a towel to protect your clothes, placing all your hair over it. Wear your gloves. Don't forget to keep them on while rinsing. It is a good idea to do a test strand before colouring all of your hair to make sure you like the colour.

How To Use:

Ombre Look:

1) Divide hair in two parts. Then squeeze the colour directly into your gloved hand.

2) Beginning at hair tips, massage colour into hair from the tips to just below the chin. 

3) To create a gradated effect, blend the colour upward with your fingers. Repeat with the other part of hair. Pastels: Leave in 15min, 20min for more vibrancy.

4) Wearing gloves, rinse until water runs clear. The colour is already a caring hair mask - so no need to condition!

5) Just dry your hair and now you can style it! Try not to run coloured water over all the hair.

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4 stars

Moisturising benefits

4 stars


4 stars


4 stars


4 stars
Clare Review panel member
5 stars

These were great, I would add that the blue does not come out of bleached hair but the other colours washed out in a few washes. I would use the others but not the blue unless I wanted staying power.

Tanya Review panel member
5 stars

My cousin used this product on her bleached blonde hair and it looked amazing. Colours were vibrant to start but I also really liked them when they started to fade. It also left her hair feeling like it had, had a moisturising treatment.

Mazza Review panel member
5 stars

This has been the perfect kit for festival season! So easy to use and beautiful colours!

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