Try on makeup and hair colour instantly with zero commitment

Try on makeup and hair colour instantly with zero commitment

Have you ever been eager to try a new make up product or the latest trending hair colour but you’re too nervous to commit? Trying a new look can be costly, especially when new products and shades are launched every week, it can be hard to keep up.

To help we’ve just launched Virtual try-on using technology from ModiFace; a tool that will allow you to try on make up and hair colour with no commitment or cost. Being able to try on over one hundred shades of L’Oréal Paris hair colour and make up in real time from the comfort of your sofa makes these decisions so much easier. Simply select the new shade of brands such as colour riche lipstick or colorista hair make up and you can explore your new look in no time.

We’ve listed a few features of the tool below plus a few tips for how to get the best results from your virtual try-on experience.


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Tips and tricks for trying on makeup

Tip 1: Tie your hair back
For best results make sure your hair is out of your face. Our Virtual try-on using Modiface overlays your new look onto a live or uploaded image of you, so tie it in a ponytail or quick bun.
Tip 2: Get some good lighting
Whether you are uploading a photo or using our live try-on experience, good lighting is key. With good lighting, you’ll have a clearer image and, most importantly the colours you’re trying on will be me realistic against your skin tone. 

Tip 3: Try on with minimal make up
To achieve best results during your virtual try-on, wear minimal make up. A full face of makeup can affect the way the colours show up against your skin. For example, if you’re already wearing a red lip in real life but would like to try on a pink shade, virtually there’s a high chance that the shade you are trying on will be distorted compared to if you were to try it over your natural lip colour. 
The features 

Feature 1: Most up-to-date AI technology
Try-on apps are a thing of the past thanks to augmented reality (AI) technology that seamlessly superimposes your favourite products, or just something new you would like to try onto your face using live try on. 

Feature 2: Realistic colour
One of the most important features of a virtual try on tool is the colour. Modiface has strikingly realistic rendering, the colours that you see on your screen are true to what you would see if you were trying on our shades for real. 

For hair, you’re able to choose shades that match your natural hair colour to accurately create what the final result of your at-home kit will be. When trying on makeup, the colour adapts quickly to your skin tone and facial features. 

Feature 3: No downloads
Many augmented reality try-on services require an app download which takes up your device storage. Our try-on technology is integrated seamlessly into the product pages on our website and is compatible with desktop and mobile devices for complete ease of use. For the best user experience use Google Chrome browser on your desktop or android and Safari 11.3 or above on iPhone. Just allow access to your camera and you’re ready to experiment with a new look. 

Tips and tricks for trying on hair colour 

Tip 1: Get some good lighting
As with a virtual makeup application, good lighting is important when experimenting with hair colour. Particularly when considering an at-home colorant kit, getting the most accurate understanding of the resulting colour possible is key to achieving your desired look and effect. 

Tip 2: Always consider the texture and styling of your hair 
We change the texture and styling of our hair so often that we can forget to consider what our hair would naturally look like with a new colour. That’s why our Virtual try-on with Modiface is great, it provides you with a quick and easy way to see your natural hair, whatever the style, in a new shade. What’s better? There is zero commitment. 


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